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Why Fitzroy Island is the Ultimate Day Trip Destination

How does spending the day on a real tropical island that is covered with luscious rainforests, is lined with amazing beaches, and of course surrounded by the warm waters of the Coral Sea sound to you?

If it sounds like an ideal place for you to visit, if you’re in Tropical North Queensland or you’re planning a trip this way, then a day trip to Fitzroy Island should most certainly be on the cards.

Fitzroy Island is a gorgeous tropical island that is situated in the same waters as the Great Barrier Reef. And while it might feel like a million miles away, it’s really only a short trip from the mainland, and one that you can do in a day.

So, whether you’re a Queensland local looking to explore the region more or you’re planning a trip of a lifetime, keep reading to find out why Fitzroy Island is the ultimate day trip destination.

Here’s what makes Fitzroy Island the Perfect Day Trip Destination

It’s so easy to get to Fitzroy Island

For a day trip to really be worthwhile, you want it to be realistic to actually get there and be able to explore the area – otherwise, what’s the point? Well, getting to Fitzroy Island really couldn’t be simpler.

You might think making your way to a tropical island is going to require a fair bit of navigation, but realistically, all you need to do is find your way to the Cairns Marina and hop aboard the Fitzroy Flyer – which is a ferry that travels between Cairns and Fitzroy Island.

The journey only takes around 45 minutes and is about 29km from the mainland. While you can take your own boat over, we’re guessing that you’re looking for convenience when it comes to your day trip. The Fitzroy Flyer travels between Cairns and the island several times a day, so you can head over first thing in the morning and make your way back in the early evening – check out the timetable here.

Cairns is one of the largest cities in tropical Queensland and is easy to get to from nearby areas like Palm Cove and Port Douglas, and with the journey to Fitzroy Island taking less than an hour, it is the perfect day trip destination for anyone in the area.

As Fitzroy Island is a popular destination, it is advisable that you book your trip ahead of time.

There’s lots of things to do and sights to see

What makes Fitzroy Island such an excellent day trip destination is also what it makes a great place for a longer holiday – there is a just so much to see and do.

The gorgeous island itself is just waiting to be explored, with the luscious green rainforest and its walking trails inviting you find your own adventure. You can explore the flora and fauna, make your way to the lighthouse summit, or discover the beach that was named Australia’s most beautiful when you venture on these walking trails.

If you’re into water-based activities and experiences, then Fitzroy Island is definitely going to capture your spirit of adventure. You can participate in a wide variety of water based sports and activities, including swimming, snorkelling, stand up paddle boarding, glass bottomed boats and sea kayaking – to name a few. The island is situated in the waters of the Coral Sea, which is also home to the Great Barrier Reef and you only need to venture metres from the sure to catch a glimpse of this magical marine world. In fact, being so close to the reef, you can have a totally different reef experience compared to lots of other tours out there.

When you’re all tuckered out from your water sports and land adventuring, you can always enjoy the hospitality of the island’s bar and restaurant – Foxy’s and Zephyr. Enjoy a cocktail as the sunsets, dine on delicious local cuisine, or simply take a load off and enjoy the scenery – the views from each of these establishments are truly unbeatable and will have you captivated.

The great thing about Fitzroy Island is that many of the activities you can try can be done at little to no cost. If you need equipment for any of the water activities or want to take part in any tour activities, these will have a cost, but they are generally quite affordable. And you don’t need to bring anything other than your swimwear and sense of adventure because you can find what you need at the Fitzroy Island Sports Hub!

Learn more about the water-based fun you can have here, the land-based fun here, and fun for the little ones here.

Great for anyone and everyone

Fitzroy Island is an awesome destination for all kinds of travellers, from solo backpackers looking to see the world, to families with small kids who are looking for a bit of fun, and everyone in between.

There are many activities that are geared at children, so they can have fun and you can have a bit of a break, but there are also plenty of activities that are great for the whole family and just for adults too.

It is a treasure trove of entertainment and experience. And it’s also a very safe holiday destination, with many people making the trip over alone. Staff working on the island and locals to the area are very friendly and always happy to help and/or offer advice, so if you want to experience some excitement but you don’t have anyone to go with, it doesn’t matter.

You can do it yourself

One of the great benefits of choosing Fitzroy Island as a day trip destination is that it’s so easy to organise the trip and do it yourself.

All you need to do is choose when you’re going to head over to the island and when you’re going to depart. You don’t necessarily need to join a tour group for the day trip experience. Instead, you can arrive and adventure on the island as you like.

If you prefer the convenience and organisation that comes with a tour group option, there are loads of tour groups that offer various day trip experiences.

You can stay longer

While Fitzroy Island is an ideal day trip destination, it’s also a fantastic holiday destination that will have you captivated and entertained for a long time too.

The island resort offers a wide variety of accommodation options to suit all kinds of budgets, so whether you’re looking for a bit of a luxurious island experience or more of a budget friendly adventure, there is something suit. Accommodation options include suites, hotel rooms, bungalows, cabins and even camping – with camping packs now available for visitors too.

Check out the range of accommodation options available here.

Book Your Day Trip to Fitzroy Island Today

If this gorgeous tropical island sounds like your ideal day trip destination, why not book your ticket on the Fitzroy Flyer and come for a visit. You can check out the travel timetable here and also check out the activities and tours available on the island here.

Fitzroy Island is a fantastic day trip destination for people of all ages – so why not join in the fun when you’re in Tropical North Queensland?

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