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Is Fitzroy Island Good For Kids
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There is Something for Everyone on Fitzroy Island

Finding a family friendly holiday destination is not always an easy task. While there are plenty of places that welcome family groups, the difficult part is finding a place that is really going to appeal to everyone in your family.

Well, here at Fitzroy Island, we think we might have the solution to your problem. Our tropical island is an extremely family friendly destination that has a variety of activities and experiences that will appeal to people of all ages and keep everyone entertained at all times. And it doesn’t hurt that when you’re here, you feel like you’re in paradise.

If you’re looking for the most family friendly holiday destination in Australia, keep reading because we’re going to tell you all about how Fitzroy Island is perfect for people of all ages.

But first, let us tell you a little bit about our island.

What You Should Know About Fitzroy Island

Located in the waters of the Coral Sea, the same waters that is home to the Great Barrier Reef, Fitzroy Island is a tropical island with year-round warm weather, that somehow makes you feel as if you are a million miles away from the ordinary world. In reality though, it’s only a 45-minute ferry ride from the Cairns Marina.

The island itself is only around 339 hectares in size, with about 97% of the island classified as a National Park. With luscious tropical rainforests, hidden idyllic beaches and coral gardens of the Great Barrier Reef literally only metres from the shore, it’s no wonder Fitzroy Island has become one of the favourite holiday destinations for visitors looking for adventure and experiences galore that you cannot have anywhere else.

No matter how old you are there is something for everyone on Fitzroy Island.

Activities and experiences for everyone on Fitzroy Island

Whether you have young kids, teens, a mixture, or you’re bringing along the grandparents on your family holiday, here are some of the amazing things to do on Fitzroy Island by age group.

Kid Friendly Activities

Junior Marine Biologist

It’s hard to find a kid out there who isn’t interested in the amazing marine world of the ocean. Here on Fitzroy Island, your budding marine biologist can spend a few hours learning the ropes of the marine biology world with fun and educational hands-on activities.

The kids spend the morning with our own resident marine biologist, participating in activities like fish feeding, water testing, beachcombing and a glass bottomed boat ride.

The program is designed for kids aged 5 and up, includes refreshments and at the end of their course, the kids will receive a certificate as well.

The Junior Marine Biologist program is super popular, so bookings are essential. So, if your kid loves the ocean, this one cannot be missed.



Turtle Centre

Fitzroy Island is home to the Cairns Turtle Rehabilitation Centre, which might just offer one of the most wholesome and worthwhile experiences.

The Great Barrier Reef is home to 6 of the world’s 7 species of sea turtles, and unfortunately, these turtles are in danger from attacks and accidents involving humans and predators. The Rehab Centre of the island is where these sick, injured, and unwell turtles are able to be taken care of and nursed back to health.

At the centre, kids can learn about the ocean, the Great Barrier Reef and of course the sea turtles. They will also learn about the amazing work that is done by the volunteer run centre and they even get the chance to meet some of the residents of the centre as well.

While we’ve put this on the list of activities for kids, we think this one is a great activity for the entire family.

Teen Friendly Activities

Best Snorkelling Spots Near Cairns


Fitzroy Island was made for water sports, with so many options for people of all ages. One of the most popular water activities is of course snorkelling. That’s because not only is it relatively easy to get the hang of, but when you’re on Fitzroy Island, you’ve got coral gardens of the Great Barrier Reef just metres away from you.

You can hire snorkel gear from the Fitzroy Island Sports Hub, including stinger suits, and snorkel to your heart’s content. But if your teen isn’t ready to go it alone, that’s ok because there are tour options including a beginner’s tour and safari guided tour for intermediate snorkellers.

The beginner’s tour includes learning snorkel techniques from an experienced instructor and full day snorkel gear hire. The safari tour gives you access to snorkelling spots that are not available to other guests of the island, so you can experience amazing sites exclusively.

Trust us, your teen will not want to come up for air once they get the hang of snorkelling.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

For something a little different, but still water based, another awesome activity your teen is going to love is stand up paddleboarding.

A different pace to snorkelling, stand up paddle boarding requires some balance and strength, but once they get the hang of it, they will love it.

Stand up paddle boards and everything you need can be hired at the FISH; however, you can also take part in a tour that runs for 90 minutes. The tour includes a quick lesson in shallow waters where you can find your balance, then an adventure paddling out to see coral, marine life, and the island in all its glory.

Stand up paddle boarding is a great way to get around and see areas of the island that cannot be reached any other way as well. So, they will experience all sorts of sights.

Stand up paddleboarding is available for people of all ages and is an awesome independent activity for your teen.


Four Amazing Sea Kayaking Locations In Queensland

Sea Kayaking

We know we’ve talked about a lot of water-based activities for teens, but when you’re immersed in the Great Barrier Reef, you’ve got to make the most of it. And another awesome teen-friendly water-based activity is sea kayaking.

Sea kayaks can be hired at the FISH and guided tours are available too. The tour includes a full lesson on how to use the kayaks safely and properly, as well as a tour where you can see if you can spot any of the majestic sea turtles, and of course see the coral gardens of the reef from above.

Like most of the other water sports available on the island, this activity is suitable for people of all ages but is a great option for the teen looking for adventure and a little bit of independence.


Adult Friendly Activities

FItzroy Island Hiking to Nudey Beach


You can discover the natural beauty of the island on foot via the various walking trails on the island. Make your way to the summit and see the vast waters of the Coral Sea – at the right time of year, you might even spot a whale migrating for the season.

The various walking trails will take you through the luscious rainforests, the woodlands and one track will even lead you to the beach that was named Australia’s most beautiful beach in 2018 – Nudey Beach.

You could pack a picnic and make your way to the beautiful coral beach and watch the world pass by from one of the most relacing corners on Earth.

Sunset and Cocktails

Why not take in the breathtaking sunset with a cocktail in hand at Foxy’s Bar? Located only around 100m from the resort on the island, you can enjoy views of Welcome Bay, one of the most picturesque sites you will ever see from the 70s themed beachfront bar.

With pool tables, a dancefloor, sports tv and live music, you’ll be entertained for hours at Foxy’s, it’s the perfect place to unwind after a busy day of activities.


Something for the whole family

While most of the activities we’ve mentioned can have the whole family participate, a great activity that will keep everyone entertained and mystified is a glass bottomed boat ride.

Glass bottom boat rides are held daily and give you the opportunity to discover the reef from an awesome vantage point. Leisurely cruise over the reef and watch the waters below through the Coral Viewer.

The ride includes an informative talk where you can learn more about the marine life that calls the water home, and it means you can get pretty close to the reef without actually getting wet.

Stay on Fitzroy Island

In addition to lots of activities and experiences for the whole family, another reason Fitzroy Island is such a great destination for family holidays is because there is a wide range of accommodation on offer suitable for all kinds of families and all kinds of budgets.

From luxurious suites to bungalows, cabins to camping, whatever kind of family holiday you want to create, it’s so easy to do it at Fitzroy Island. You can check out our accommodation options right here.

We’ll see you and your family soon on Fitzroy Island.

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