At Fitzroy Island, it’s all about rainforest, beaches and high reaches, with just as much to explore on land as in the sea.

Explore the bush walking tracks throughout the island, like the Lighthouse and Summit walks, with views all the way to the Great Barrier Reef.  Trek to magic spots like Secret Garden and Nudey Beach, one of Far North Queensland’s most iconic beaches.


Self-Guided Summit Historical Hike

This walk adds an extra dimension to the popular Summit and Lighthouse hike.

In addition to enjoying the changes in the scenery (from the lush rainforest to open woodlands) and the stunning views overlooking Welcome Bay, hikers are able to use the self-guided booklet to enhance their awareness of their surroundings.

The booklet allows people to identify tell-tale signs of the World War II military occupation as well as locate various objects left behind by the Lightkeepers and their families

Hiking Fitzroy Island

Allow a good 2.5 hours for the full loop as you will have a few stops along the way.

During the warmer summer months it is best to tackle the hike early in the morning before the day heats up.  In the winter it can be lovely to trek in the afternoon- but always make sure you have good walking shoes, plenty of water and sunscreen.

The Self-Guided Historical Hike is a great option for those looking to connect to the islands’ past as well as learning some interesting facts and amusing anecdotes along the way.

Booklets are free to Resort Guests (just quote your room number and booking name at Reception) whilst Day Trippers and Campers can make a purchase for a mere $4.40

Secret Garden Walk

The Secret Garden walk is a simple track winding its way through the intertwining flora of Fitzroy Island’s lush jungle.  It is a peaceful walk that allows people the opportunity to immerse themselves in nature.  Listen for the various bird calls from the distinct Orange Footed Scrub Hens to the crisp call of the Varied Trillers and the sweet coos of the Rose-Crested Fruit-Dove.

Watch for the scurrying Bar Sided Skinks as they dive about your feet – but don’t forget to look up for the flash of colour as Green Triangle Butterflies flit over the path.

At the end of the track is a large platform that you can use to rest and enjoy as you take in the uniquely balanced ecosystem around you.

Allow 45 minutes return and take good shoes and plenty of water.

Nudey Beach Walk

The track to Nudey Beach is famous for its sharp contrasting beauty from the plush vivid greens of the rainforest to the giant granite boulders and the stunning blue waters beyond.  As you walk the beautiful track, be sure to cast your eyes into the wilderness for some of the more distinctive rainforest inhabitants.  These include the unmistakable Cluster Figs alongside the intriguing White Starfish Orchids and vivacious Bird Nest epiphytes.  Keep a sharp eye on the ground about you as Echidnas have been seen shuffling slowly along the path; as well as some other charismatic jungle creatures.  This walk crosses three small bridges and culminates with the first exotic glimpse at the world-famous Nudey Beach below.

Allow 45 minutes return and take good shoes and plenty of water; and of course- don’t forget to bring your beach gear as this walk brings you to Australia’s #1 most beautiful beach (as voted in 2018).

The Ultimate Self-Guided Walk

Want to get more out of your national park walks?  Now you can with the ultimate self-guided booklet.  

Learn the military history as you hike the summit and lighthouse, or about the special adaptation plants used to compete with their neighbours.  And what better place to learn about rainforest ecology than on the Secret Garden track?  Finish your time with an educational stroll around the resort grounds learning the fascinating ways the surrounding flora can be used as food and medicine.  

The ultimate booklet even comes with a bonus section – Fitzroy Island organic tropical fruits and a one page feature on the island’s “bad boys”- the Strangler Fig and the Beach Sheoak.

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