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Why Fitzroy Island is the Ideal Holiday Destination

The right destination can make or break your holiday. But finding the right location for your trip isn’t easy, there is a lot to think about.  You want to find a place that everyone who is coming along will enjoy, has the perfect balance between relaxation and things to do, and of course somewhere that is budget friendly.

Look no further, because we’ve found the perfect place for you (and the whole family), and it’s only 45 minutes from Cairns – Fitzroy Island.

Let’s talk about Fitzroy Island

Fitzroy Island is a piece of tropical paradise. Located in the turquoise blue waters off the coast of Tropical North Queensland, Fitzroy Island feels like it’s miles away from the ordinary world.  But you don’t need to set sail for days to get there, a trip in the Fitzroy Flyer ferry from Cairns will get you there in less than an hour.

Year-round warm weather, combined with its location in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef, has seen Fitzroy Island become a favourite holiday destination for backpackers, couples, families and basically anyone who is looking for a unique experience.

But these aren’t the only reasons people love Fitzroy Island, keep reading to discover why this incredible island is your ideal holiday destination.

Unique landscapes and locations

While some of us like to go to the same holiday destination year after year, a lot of us are looking for a unique destination and experience. As we learn more about the world, it’s only natural that we want to venture to places that are different to the same well-worn holiday paths.  This is something that sets Fitzroy Island apart from other holiday destinations. It is a truly unique island that has a combination of flora, fauna and landscapes that is like no other place.

Fitzroy Island is actually 97% National Park, and this National Park has just about every type of landscape imaginable. From open woodlands to huge granite boulders, tropical rainforests to coral sand beaches, the entire island will leave you guessing at what you’re going to see at the next turn.

This of course means that a huge array of activities and experiences can be had on Fitzroy Island, which leads us seamlessly onto the next reason why Fitzroy Island is ideal for your next holiday.

Activities galore

As we touched on above, there is a lot to be explored on Fitzroy Island, the landscape alone will keep you busy for weeks, however, the team on Fitzroy Island have worked hard to help you make the most of the world you’re immersed in when you’re on Fitzroy Island.

Whether you’re an active adventurer, looking for something kid-friendly, or more of a cocktail in hand kind of holiday maker, Fitzroy Island has something for you. Walking trails, fish-feeding, glass bottom boat tours, outdoor movie nights and arts and crafts are just some of the things you or the kids can take part in.  Or you can try out some of our favourite activities, including:

  • Water Activities

For many of us, water activities are just a whole heap of fun.  And this fun just multiples when you’re in the calm waters of Coral Sea.

The crystal blue waters that surround the island are, unless you live in a tropical paradise already, unlike anything you’ve experienced before. Housing the coral gardens of the Great barrier Reef, the incredible world beneath the surface deserves to be explored at length.

And luckily, when you’re on the island, the range of water-based activities is pretty extensive. You can choose from gliding the water’s surface aboard a single or double sea kayak. You can try balancing atop a stand-up paddle board. You can hire snorkelling gear and set out exploring the coral gardens that are literally only metres from the shore. Or you can talk to the team at the Fitzroy Island Sports Hub who can help you with hiring gear and booking guided tours.  Whether you don’t mind getting wet or you would prefer to stay dry, we recommend discovering the secrets of the waters that surround the island!

  • Turtle Rehabilitation Centre

Fitzroy Island is lucky enough to be the home of the Cairns Turtle Rehabilitation Centre – a volunteer run, non-profit organisation that does incredible work with the local sea turtles.

The waters around the island are actually home to six of the world’s seven species of sea turtles, and unfortunately for a wide variety of reasons, these turtles are becoming seriously threatened.  The rehab centre specialises in caring for sick and injured turtles with the aim to release them back to their natural habitat.

You can actually visit the centre, learn about sea turtles as well as the work of the turtle rehab centre, and you can even see the patients up close. The centre runs daily talks, however places are limited, so if this sounds up your alley, make sure you book in your turtle talk here.

  • Relax in style and watch the world pass you by

Every holiday needs a moment of relaxation, and Fitzroy Island offers relaxation in spades. Relaxation means something different to everyone, so whether you’re a hike to a secluded destination kind of person, or you prefer a sun lounger by the pool, Fitzroy Island has you covered.

You can hike to the summit of the island and enjoy the incredible views of the waters that surround the island, and at the right time of year, you might even catch a glimpse of whales migrating. The views are serene and surreal and can be the perfect place to watch the world pass you by.

Or if you would prefer to not have to work too hard for your relaxing moment, one of our favourite ways to relax is on the secluded beach that was named Australia’s best in 2018 – Nudey Beach – only a short 1km walk from the island’s resort. You’ll wind through the tropical rainforest and coastal woodlands of the island before reaching your destination. And once you arrive at Nudey Beach, you will be rewarded with this pristine stretch of white coral beach where you can set up a towel and watch the world pass you by.

We recommend bringing some snacks, water, a good book and maybe even some snorkelling gear – you’ll probably want to take a dip in the equally pristine waters at your feet. In fact, those coral gardens we mentioned before can be found just off the shore here, so you might want to make the most of that.

All age and all budget friendly

Fitzroy Island - The Ultimate Queensland Holiday Destination For KidsWhat could be better than a place that is suitable for the whole family? A place that is affordable and budget friendly! And that is exactly what Fitzroy Island is.

Fitzroy Island has been dedicated to ensure that no matter you’re age, there is going to be some fun to be had.  From turtle talks to fish feeding, arts and crafts to movie nights, kids of all ages will have a great time.  And of course, the adults aren’t forgotten, with hiking, swimming, snorkelling and chartered tours only some of the things to keep the adults busy by day, while places like Foxy’s Bar is around to keep you entertained by night!  Not only are these activities fun, but they are also budget friendly, with many of them not costing you a cent!

But it’s not just activities that are all age and budget friendly, the range of accommodation options means that there is something for everyone! Choose from studios and suites (even the penthouse), beach cabins, bungalows, and camping.  We know that some people love the little luxuries of hotel accommodation while others prefer a closer to nature experience, and we’ve worked hard to give you options so you can be comfortable on the island.

If you want to learn more about Fitzroy Island, you can read about us here. Or if we’ve convinced you that Fitzroy Island is the holiday destination for you, then book online today!

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