28 May
The Guide To Ultimate Relaxation On Fitzroy Island
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The Guide To Ultimate Relaxation On Fitzroy Island

Are you feeling exhausted, stressed or burnt out and needing to recharge your batteries? Or, perhaps you are looking simply to treat yourself and your loved one, family or friends. Whatever your situation, taking a relaxing short break or longer holiday in an idyllic island paradise is no doubt one of the best ways to rejuvenate both your body and your soul.

After all, who could say no to lounging on one of the world’s most famous beaches by the Great Barrier Reef, backed by a rainforest paradise? Taking some time out via a trip to Fitzroy Island, whether just for the day, a weekend or a week or more should help you to feel relaxed and ready to tackle the demands of day-to-day life once more upon your return home. In this article we will show you why Fitzroy Island is the ultimate relaxation destination.


Located just 45-minutes ride via Fast Cat from the Cairns marina in Tropical Far North Queensland you shall find Fitzroy Island. Comprised of 97% National Park, with pristine beaches and situated on the infamous and breathtaking Great Barrier Reef, Fitzroy Island is the perfect destination for you if you are looking to rest and recharge your batteries.

With access to Fitzroy Island being rather straightforward, you will be on your way in no time to the relaxing holiday you need and soon feeling like you are worlds away from the business of daily life.

Fitzroy Island

Welcome Bay and Nudey Beach

If you wish, the hardest decision you make in a day on Fitzroy Island may come down to whether you lay your beach towel down on the stunning beach of Welcome Bay nearby your accommodation, or, take a peaceful stroll through the rainforest to arrive at Nudey Beach, ranked No. 2 in Australia’s Best Beaches Awards for 2017!

Comprised of immaculate white sand which gently slopes into the exquisite Coral Sea and encompassed by granite boulders and lush rainforest, Nudey Beach is the perfect destination if you are looking to relax on the sand with a good book or to take a gentle snorkel on the reef located just metres from the shore. With very few visitors at any one time, your escape to Nudey Beach will have you feeling like you’ve discovered your very own paradise.

Resort Spa and Pool

Being a valued guest of Fitzroy Island Resort, you will have exclusive access to the resort’s large swimming pool and spa. Enjoy some time out by the poolside on one of our banana lounges and our very own swim-up pool bar, you can relax and enjoy a cocktail or other beverage of your choice while cooling off in the comfort of the resort pool.

Our resort pool is also stunning when lit up at night, and an evening swim is a lovely relaxing way to end another perfect day in paradise.

Delicious Food And Drinks

Fabulous food and drinks are an essential part of a relaxing break away, and on Fitzroy Island you have the opportunity to enjoy fine dining at our resort restaurant, Zephyr’s Restaurant, and an array of drinks and casual café style dining at our large Pacific Islands bar, Foxy’s Bar, located right on the beach of Welcome Bay.

Indulge in buffet breakfast or evening a la carte dining, alfresco-style at Zephyr’s restaurant if you are looking for something a little extra special. Or, if you are feeling casual and looking to unwind on the beach overlooking the beautiful waters of the Great Barrier Reef, head to Foxy’s Bar for a snack or meal of your choice and a summery cocktail to match.


Yoga is not only a wonderful activity for warming and relaxing the body, but also the mind and soul. During your stay on Fitzroy Island, why not take part in a rejuvenating, outdoor weekend yoga class for the ultimate hit of relaxation? Sign up for an evening class of Relaxation Yoga, whether you are a newbie to yoga or an experienced “yogi”, or if you have a moderate level of fitness, enjoy a morning “flow” class. For more information, click here.

For Something A Little More Active…

On top of the above, Fitzroy Island also has on offer the following more active relaxation activities, if you find yourself in the mood for some activity out and about:

-National Park Walks: Fitzroy Island is comprised of 97% National Park and lush, rainforest vegetation. There are a number of walks you can enjoy on the island, from basic 5-minute walks, all the way up to 3-hour hikes, if that’s your jam! To learn more about Fitzroy Island and its National Park walks, please click here.

-Explore the Great Barrier Reef: With a number of different amazing ways to explore the exquisite Great Barrier Reef, you are bound to find an activity that is relaxing for you. Choose from snorkelling, a glass bottom boat tour, a sea kayaking tour, or hire a stand-up paddle board and explore the island surrounds at your leisure.

Why Fitzroy Island Is The Perfect Babymoon Destination Explore The Reef

If it’s a relaxing tropical holiday by the beach and amongst the rainforest you’re after, to achieve the ultimate level of relaxation and rejuvenation, Fitzroy Island has you covered! There’s something for everything, no matter how little (or how much!) you wish to do. So, what are you waiting for? Come and stay with us!

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