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Amazing Island Snorkelling Locations on the Great Barrier Reef
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Snorkelling at Fitzroy Island is a Must! Here’s Why

A trip to Fitzroy Island just simply wouldn’t be complete without snorkelling! It’s an amazing one-of-a-kind opportunity to get up close to some of the most colourful creatures amongst the coral reef gardens of the world’s largest reef system.

As a matter of fact, not only is the Great Barrier Reef the largest of all the coral reefs is considered one of the best dive destinations in the world – and when you’re at Fitzroy Island, you’ve got a chance to discover why.

School Holiday Activities for Kids Near Cairns – You Can’t Beat Fitzroy Island Snorkel Straight Off the Beautiful Beaches of Fitzroy Island

Why Go Snorkelling?

First, let’s talk about snorkelling as an activity on its own. It’s a unique, exciting, and in its own way rewarding experience that you certainly wouldn’t want to miss out on.

But did you know that, besides giving you that unforgettable adrenaline rush, it also provides a plethora of other benefits as well? Some that you may not have even otherwise realised. Some of these include:

Helps to improve your breathing

Snorkelling brings your level of maximum oxygen intake up one notch further, which is actually an excellent sign of aerobic fitness. A large part of snorkelling is breathing through a tube, an act that necessitates a lot of resistance and much greater exertion than normal breathing. Snorkellers are trained to regulate their breathing in and out evenly through the mouth, which in itself makes an effective breathing exercise.

Taking on the challenge is no mean feat and it’s certainly an awesome skill to develop.

Increases your overall fitness level

While you’re busy being enthralled and captivated by the underwater world that surrounds you, you’re also in the midst of an overall full body workout routine. It works out your quads, hamstrings, calves, ankles, core, and shoulders. Aside from doing wonders for your overall strength and endurance, it also on average burns approximately 300 calories an hour – making it the ideal holiday activity.

Aids in cardiovascular health

Snorkelling can help strengthen the heart muscle, which will in turn work to decrease the risk of certain health problems, namely coronary heart disease, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. It will also be helpful in building a greater lung capacity, since you have to learn to hold your breath underwater for long periods of time.

Refines joint mobility

Any form of proper exercise will help individuals suffering from joint pain or stiffness, and snorkelling is no exception. Exercising in water in particular reduces the impact forces that are generally associated with other cardiovascular activities, like walking or jogging. If you’ve previously run into trouble when exercising due to restrictions in your movement, snorkelling might be a good first step to a new fitness program. Once you feel like you’ve regained a better sense of mobility, you can then start to increase the intensity of your snorkelling.

May help alleviate stress and anxiety

The controlled breathing required in snorkelling is actually most similar to that of many meditative breathing techniques, all of which work to relax and calm the body. For this very reason, snorkelling may help you feel more at ease without you even realising.

Can help build courage and confidence around water

If diving is too intimidating for you, snorkelling is a great start that might help you overcome any trepidations you may have. You see, you don’t have to go too deep underwater when snorkelling and added with the fact that you can stand up any time you like, it makes for fantastic practice to what wearing the mask and breathing through your nose will feel like.

Motivates to improve performance

If you’re already an athlete or into water sport, snorkelling can help fuel significant improvements in your performance. For example, front-mounted snorkels allow a swimmer to practice their body positioning and arm pulls through the water, without ever having to worry about turning or raising the head for air. You may even use the chance to practice freestyle drills such as side-kick-switch or sculling. Although swimming and snorkelling are two vastly different activities, the ability to move through the water and breathe smoothly throughout a snorkelling drill will be enormously helpful in building a swimmer’s leg and lung strength.

Connects you with nature

Snorkelling lets you go up close and personal with some of the most colorful and fascinating creatures to ever grace this earth. You’ll find that watching them in their natural habitat as they go about their usual behaviors will feel incredibly enlightening. It puts you at one with nature in a way that you never dreamed would be possible.

Why Fitzroy Island?

Fitzroy Island is a snorkeller’s paradise, with hundreds of little magical nooks located all throughout a mix of greens, blues, and all the vibrant colors of the coral reefs. There’s so much to see, so much to learn, and so much to explore in the mesmerising waters of this tropical island. Let’s look at some of the leading factors into why snorkelling is an absolute must do activity during your time on the island.

It’s a fun and easy trip

Fitzroy Island is the closest snorkelling destination for people vacationing in Cairns, being only a short 45-minute ferry ride away from Cairns Marina. Aside from being exciting and time-efficient, it’s also super affordable, with a range of return day trips on offer. You can take part in a whole host of tours, activities and experiences so easily.

It’s a dream site

The soothing waters that surround the peaceful island make for a perfect place to go snorkelling. There are a handful of beaches to choose from, some of which are Welcome Bay and Nudey Beach which are both easily accessible. Hard and soft coral reefs fringe the shore, boasting a variety of colours and species that you can’t find anywhere else.

Meet an abundance of sea life as you descend into the underwater world. Discover amazing sights and curious creatures and when you’re done, you can even meet some of the local residents of the own Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Centre on the island.

It’s warm all year round

Throughout the whole year, the daily average temperature is between 20-30 degrees Celsius in summer, while the water remains a warm tropical 24 degrees in winter. This allows for superb snorkelling conditions all year long!

It’s super safe

You can access coral reef gardens literally metres from the shore at Fitzroy Island, so there’s no cause to venture out into unsafe waters. You can step into the waters right from the beach, and immerse yourself into this incredibly unique world. This makes it ideal for keeping an eye on children, beginner snorkelers, or simply people who are uneasy around water.

As for the more experienced or adventurous snorkelers, there are tons of places you are free to explore with an expert guide accompanying you. We recommend trying our sea kayak tour; it’s a terrific way of accessing the more remote reefs systems.

We offer a full equipment hire

The Fitzroy Island Sports Hub is equipped with everything you need to get started on your snorkelling adventure – or many other water sports and activities for that matter. You can rent any equipment you may need from us, such as a mask and snorkel, which will only cosy $10 for the whole day. Don’t forget about your fins and floatation vests too!  You can also speak to the friendly staff at the sports hub to organise tours and adventures!

You’re treated to great facilities

After a long day of frolicking the waters, the time has come to relax and unwind. Anytime you’re ready, the island has anything you could possibly ask for: bars, restaurants, cafes, and even a swimming pool! We highly recommend the food and drinks from Zephyrs Restaurant and sunset cocktails at Foxy’s Bar!

You can enjoy wonderful accommodation

Fitzroy Island offers a variety of accommodation options for your stay, from luxurious five star hotel rooms to lovely little beach bungalows. We invite you to extend your stay and explore your choices! Camping is available for tents that can fit 4 people, bungalows can sleep up to five people, and many of the resort rooms are good for two guests!

Plenty of other activities await you

Snorkelling isn’t the only fun you can have on our resort. You can never run out of things to do here, both on dry land and in the ocean! Here are just a few other activities you might find yourself interested in:

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