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Fitzroy Island Nature Wrap – January 2017

Fitzroy Island is a haven for some exotic wildlife and stunning flora.  The island covers 838 acres of which 828 acres is National Park.  Numerous animals and beautiful flora can be observed around the island including the rather unique goanna which regularly roam the island.

Yes Fitzroy Island is home to several species of snakes but rest assured none are known to be dangerous to humans and these fellows keep the ecosystem in balance.  If walking through the National Park you are likely to see one of these in the trees.  There is always plenty to see on the island, we spotted a stunning green carpet snake, grasshoppers and also some Rhinoceros Beetles.

We’ve also had a downpour of rain which has been fantastic as you really can’t have a rainforest without rain.   The water has been extremely inviting and truly striking in clarity.    All in all, another great month on the island.
Some of these larger beetles can get stuck on their backs and can’t flip themselves back over.   A simple finger on offer is usually gratefully accepted as the beetles grabs on for dear life.

See you next month!

Jen Moloney – Marine Biologist & Tours Co-Ordinator

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4 comments on “Fitzroy Island Nature Wrap – January 2017

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      Hi Peter, Yes Jen is still our resident tour guide. She is looking after our Instagram Account @fitzroyisland currently, so please follow her on here.


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