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School Holiday Activities for Kids Near Cairns – You Can’t Beat Fitzroy Island
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Why Fitzroy Island is the Ultimate Kid-Friendly Holiday Destination: 6 Reasons to Visit

Are you in search of a family-friendly holiday destination that will keep your little ones entertained and create unforgettable memories for the whole family? Look no further than Fitzroy Island!

Located off the coast of Queensland, Australia, this tropical paradise offers a multitude of activities and attractions that cater specifically to children. From pristine beaches and exciting wildlife encounters to thrilling adventures and relaxing resort facilities, Fitzroy Island has it all. In this piece, we will explore why Fitzroy Island is the ultimate kid-friendly holiday destination, providing parents with an informative and enjoyable read.

1. Pristine Beaches and Crystal Clear Waters

Fitzroy Island boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in Australia, with crystal clear waters and stunning white coral beaches that will leave you and your children in awe. The calm and shallow waters make it ideal for young ones to splash, swim, and build sandcastles to their heart’s content.

You can relax on the soft sand while your children explore the wonders of the shoreline, collecting seashells and feeling the gentle waves. The breathtaking scenery and tranquil atmosphere create a perfect beach getaway for families seeking a relaxed and picturesque setting.

2. Snorkelling Adventures in the Great Barrier Reef

School Holiday Activities for Kids Near Cairns – You Can’t Beat Fitzroy Island Snorkel Straight Off the Beautiful Beaches of Fitzroy Island

A visit to Fitzroy Island offers a unique opportunity for children to explore the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef. With its vibrant coral formations and a kaleidoscope of colourful fish, snorkelling in the crystal clear waters surrounding the island is an experience your children will cherish forever.

Encourage their sense of wonder as they glide through the water, spotting clownfish, parrotfish, and maybe even a majestic sea turtle. Fitzroy Island provides snorkelling equipment for rent, making it convenient for families to enjoy this incredible activity together.

The waters around the island are quite calm and shallow, offering a kid-friendly place to explore. And if you’re little ones are very excited about exploring the Reef, they could have scuba diving lesson for kids called the Bubblemaker. They can learn the skills of scuba diving with the guidance of a PADI accredited scuba instructor.

3. Nature Trails and Rainforest Exploration

Fitzroy Island is not just about beaches and snorkelling; it is also home to an enchanting rainforest waiting to be explored.

The island offers a network of nature trails suitable for children of all ages, allowing families to embark on exciting jungle adventures. Follow the Secret Garden track and encounter the majestic Ulysses butterflies, whose vibrant blue wings captivate young imaginations. The ever-changing landscape, from lush greenery to large granite boulders and everything in between creates a magical atmosphere, where your children can learn about nature while having fun.

4. Fitzroy Island Turtle Rehabilitation Centre


A highlight of visiting Fitzroy Island is the opportunity to visit the Turtle Rehabilitation Centre. Children will be fascinated by these incredible creatures and the conservation efforts dedicated to their well-being.

The centre provides educational sessions where your children can learn about the life cycle of turtles, their habitats, and the challenges they face. Witnessing the turtles up close and personal during feeding sessions and observing their rehabilitation journey will leave a lasting impression on young minds.

5. Exciting Water Sports and Activities

For families seeking adventure and excitement, Fitzroy Island offers a range of water sports and activities. Kayaking, paddleboarding, snorkelling, scuba diving, and even glass-bottom boat tours are available, providing endless opportunities for fun and laughter.

Let your children’s imaginations run wild as they paddle through the turquoise waters or embark on a thrilling boat ride, spotting colourful fish beneath their feet. These exhilarating experiences will create memories that your children will treasure for years to come.

6. Family-Friendly Resort Facilities

kids play area at fitzroy island resort.

Fitzroy Island provides excellent resort facilities that cater to families, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable stay. Relax by the pool while your children splash around in the designated kids’ pool area.

The resort also features a children’s play area and a games room where kids can engage in various activities, making new friends and enjoying themselves to the fullest. With these facilities, both parents and children can unwind and have a truly memorable vacation.

A range of classes and experiences are always on offer for kids to learn and play, making long-lasting memories.

Join us at Fitzroy Island today

Fitzroy Island is an absolute gem for families seeking a kid-friendly holiday destination. Its pristine beaches, snorkelling adventures, rainforest exploration, turtle rehabilitation centre, thrilling water sports, and family-oriented resort facilities make it a dream come true for parents and children alike.

Whether you’re seeking relaxation or adventure, Fitzroy Island offers the perfect balance, ensuring that your family vacation is filled with joy, wonder, and quality time together. So pack your bags, grab your sunscreen, and get ready for an unforgettable journey to the ultimate kid-friendly holiday destination: Fitzroy Island!

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