20 Jan
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Fitzroy Island: The Ultimate Destination for Nature Lovers

“Walking through rugged mountains or deep embracing forests is cleansing and inspiring. What happens when we are cleansed and inspired? We become reconnected with our inner selves; we feel renewed.” — Henryk Skolimowski, EcoYoga

Inspiration can be found whenever nature is nearby, even in such small pleasures like breathing in fresh air and feeling the sun on your face. You’ll find there is an undeniable sense of calm that comes from the gravity of nature, one that is impossible to replicate anywhere else.

With warm tropical ocean waters, balmy weather all year round, and exciting activities awaiting you at every corner, Fitzroy Island is in no uncertain terms a true nature lover’s paradise. Here, you can take a step back from the everyday whirlwind of life and experience mindfulness as you enjoy being in the moment.

Fitzroy Island is a pristine tropical haven, abundant with rainforests and lush beaches in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef. Located in the waters of the Coral Sea – around 29 kilometres from Cairns, the simplicity and pure natural beauty of our snorkelling coral gardens, nature trails, and beautiful views here on Fitzroy Island are the makings of a life-changing experience.

Be One with the Land and the Sea

Take a Walk on the Wild Side

At the Great Barrier Reef, there is just as much to discover on land as there is in the serene seas. As a matter of fact, why not kick off your adventure with a good ol’ fashioned hike, best done early in the morning for that breath of fresh air.

We have the Secret Garden walk, a simple track that guides you through the intertwining flora of the island’s jungle. Take in the beauty of the world all around you – the calls of various majestic birds, the bright colours that paint the loveliest scenery – it’s a simply magnificent way of immersing yourself with Mother Nature.

There’s also the option of the Nudey Beach walk, a destination most renowned for its sharp contrast of plush vivid rainforest greens, giant granite boulders, and stunning blue waters beyond. Wondrous creatures can be found everywhere, so make sure to be on the lookout for a special spotting! When you reach your destination of Nudey Beach, you’ll understand how it was crowned Australia’s Most Beautiful Beach (2018).

Don’t be afraid to take a self-guided booklet, made specially for a one-man summit historical hike. Explore the open woodlands and catch more amazing views that overlook Welcome Bay, allowing a perfect juncture for opening up your senses and connecting to the island’s history.

Get Up Close and Personal to Ocean Life

Once you’re ready to take a dip in the water, Fitzroy Island is a cornucopia of relaxing activities, bursting with many opportunities to explore the magic of ocean life.

Snorkelling and scuba diving are both incredibly relaxing ways of exploring the beautiful Great Barrier Reef. You can most certainly expect to see several different species of hard and soft corals amongst the gorgeous reefs that surround the island, as well as stunning tropical fish, giant clams and beautiful sea turtles (who are frequent happy visitors to the waters of Fitzroy Island).

Rest assured, the Fitzroy Island Sports Hub is PADI-accredited and operated by a team of highly experienced and enthusiastic staff, all of whom will readily assist you regarding any concerns or questions about equipment hire, tours and anything else you may need.

For a slight change of pace, you might want to try sea kayaking, an amazing endeavour in which you can hire a glass bottom kayak and observe the waters beneath you at your own pace. Not only is it heaps of fun and makes for great exercise, but it’s also one of the most amazing means of exploring sea life and the environment around you.

If this piques your interest, we highly recommend taking part in our 3-hour Guided Sea Kayaking Tour, spearheaded by a knowledgeable and passionate tour guide. During this experience, you get to access unique beaches and snorkelling spots that are not easily accessible by other means.

How We Do Our Part to Protect Our Planet

Aside from indulging your senses, Fitzroy Island also encourages practicing sustainability in every sense of the world. We actively use our influence to initiate positive changes to the ecosystem; not just our own, but everywhere along the coast. This includes monitoring our spring water intake, sending water samples weekly to an environmental clinic, and removing rubbish from the island whilst an onsite sewage treatment plant handles all waste products.

We work with select organisations in the interest of making a change for the better and minimising the ecological impact we make on our beloved environment.

The Last Straw

In an effort to combat the fight against single-use plastic, we work closely with The Last Straw, a coalition that encourages businesses and individuals alike to end humans’ reliance on single-use plastic straws. In lieu of this, we have removed all plastic straws from Fitzroy Island Resort, with paper straws available as an alternative. Through this, we are proud to say that we are able to save an approximate estimate of 70 000 single-use plastic straws per year!

Turtle Rehabilitation Centre

As a major sponsor for the Cairns Turtle Rehabilitation Centre, we continuously do our part to ensure that sick and injured sea turtles are able to recuperate in the clean waters of Welcome Bay. Since coming to the island, the Centre’s rehabilitation success has jumped from 30% to a whopping 85%. Every turtle saved enhances the productivity of seagrass and reef habitats, controls nutrient cycles, and manipulates the overall diversity of the ecosystem around them.

We strive to continue to do everything in our power to ensure that such a vital creature such as the turtle is not lost forever.

Reef Restoration Foundation

The Reef Restoration Foundation is the first ever organisation to actively cultivate heat resistant corals to fight coral beaching on the Great Barrier Reef. Thanks to their ongoing partnership with Fitzroy Island Resort, their team has been able to grow corals from specially made coral trees in our waters. Their amazing people are also active and dedicated volunteers in monitoring and maintaining the coral nursery.

One of their most recent milestones have been in 2018, in which they successfully grafted the first heat resistant corals back on the Great Barrier Reef. The spread of heat resistant corals allows the reef to recover at a faster pace and strengthens its ability to withstand hot summers.

Tangaroa Blue Foundation

Tangaroa Blue Foundation is an Australia-wide non-profit organisation dedicated to the safe removal and prevention of marine debris. They also started the Australia Marine Debris Database so that volunteers and organisations are able to collect data on marine debris for greater debris awareness and more efficient management.

Fitzroy Island actively conducts beach clean-up events, during which precious data is collated and passed over to Tangaroa Blue. This is done in hopes to promote better understanding on how to prevent marine debris from entering our ocean, thereby protecting the condition of the island’s marine environment.

Connect with the World Around You on Fitzroy Island

On many levels, we are meant to be in touch with earth in ways that reach us mentally, physically, and spiritually. To connect with nature is to connect with your higher self – and there is no more fitting place to embark on your spiritual journey than here with us at Fitzroy Island.


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