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Fitzroy Island: An Amazing Holiday Location Near Cairns for Kids and Families!
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Fitzroy Island: An Amazing Holiday Location Near Cairns for Kids and Families!

Are you dreaming of a tropical island getaway with your family, where you can mix lazing by the beach and the pool with some family adventure? Here at Fitzroy Island we have you covered!

The stunning tropical island paradise that is Fitzroy Island is located just off the coast of Cairns in Tropical Far North Queensland and is easily reached by taking our Fast Cat from the Cairns Marina (just a 45-minute ride!). Fitzroy Island really is the perfect destination for a family holiday, thanks not only to its incredible warm tropical weather, gorgeous palm trees, stunning beaches and tropical rainforest vegetation, but also thanks to its location (right in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef) and its wide array of awesome activities.

You won’t have to worry about coming up with activities for the kids to enjoy when you travel to Fitzroy Island, as it is teeming with amazing activities for kids including:

  • snorkelling and exploring the surrounding Great Barrier coral reefs and all the animals that call it home (straight from the safety of the shore)
  • exploring the island’s stunning walking and hiking tracks (lined with magnificent tropical rainforest and coastal woodland vegetation)
  • learning all about the Great Barrier Reef while cruising comfortably around the island on a Glass Bottom Boat Tour
  • laughing and bouncing around on the island’s unique giant ocean trampoline
  • seeing firsthand the amazing work that is carried out at the Cairns Turtle Rehabilitation Centre (located right on Fitzroy Island) by participating in a tour
  • sea kayaking and stand up paddle boarding!

Let us introduce you a little further now to the incredible kids activities on offer at beautiful Fitzroy Island.

Three Incredible Stand Up Paddle Boarding Locations on The Great Barrier Reef Intro

Snorkelling Straight from the Beach

Positioned right in the heart of the magical Great Barrier Reef, Fitzroy Island is the ideal place for you and your kids to grab a snorkel, mask and fins and experience the wonder that is the reef in the warm, gentle, aqua ocean waters that surround the island.

Snorkelling straight from the beach (choose from Welcome Bay or Nudey Beach) is the perfect option for kids who are afraid of deep ocean water (which is often the case on the outer reef) or are not particularly confident swimmers. Snorkelling at Fitzroy Island just metres from the shore means kids can take their time and build up their confidence exploring the reef, and if luck is on your side, you and your family may spot majestic sea turtles, giant clams and even Nemo (clown fish) swimming about the island’s shore!

Walking and Hiking Tracks

Did you know that roughly 97% of Fitzroy Island is in fact National Park? Begging to be explored, Fitzroy Island is covered in exquisite tropical rainforest vegetation as well as beautiful coastal woodlands.

There are a number of walking and hiking tracks on offer at Fitzroy Island, with something to suit all ages and fitness levels, from easy 5-minute tracks, to some of our popular 45-minute tracks (Nudey Beach and Secret Garden Tracks), all the way up to the 3-hour hike to the summit of Fitzroy Island (which shall reward you with incredible views of the island and its surrounds!).

Exploring the numerous trails Fitzroy Island has to offer means not only can you admire the incredible mix of vegetation on the island, but also have the chance to spot and learn about the unique and beautiful wildlife that call the island home. For more information on some of the amazing animals that live on Fitzroy Island, please click here.

School Holiday Activities for Kids Near Cairns – You Can’t Beat Fitzroy Island Snorkel Straight Off the Beautiful Beaches of Fitzroy Island

Glass Bottom Boat Tours

Glass Bottom Boat Tours are not only a great option for families with very little children (and/or kids who aren’t especially confident in the water) to explore the magic of the Great Barrier Reef that surrounds the island, they are also a fabulous way to learn all about the animals that call it home. Fitzroy Island offers two Glass Bottom Boat Tours per day, where you and your kids will have the opportunity to spot a number of beautiful sea creatures, including stunning tropical fish, magical marine turtles and a variety of coral species.

Giant Ocean Trampoline

Located just 25 metres from the shore of Welcome Bay on Fitzroy Island sits our unique giant ocean trampoline, an irresistibly fun activity the whole family can enjoy! Bouncing about on our giant ocean trampoline is a fabulous way for your kids to meet and get to know other children staying at Fitzroy Island Resort.

Sea Kayaking and Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Here at Fitzroy Island you have the opportunity to hire glass bottom sea kayaks and/or stand up paddle boards, which are the perfect means for exploring the Great Barrier Reef together as a family, all the while getting in a fun, incidental workout!

Or, if your kids are a bit older and are looking for something a bit more adventurous and informative, you might like to consider participating in one of our 3-hour Guided Sea Kayaking Tours, which shall see you exploring untouched, pristine locations around the island, including snorkelling and a yummy packed lunch (age limits apply).

School Holiday Activities for Kids Near Cairns – You Can’t Beat Fitzroy Island Give Sea Kayaking And or Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) A Shot

Turtle Rehabilitation Centre

Situated on Fitzroy Island is the Cairns Turtle Rehabilitation Centre, which as the name suggests is a facility solely dedicated to the gentle care and rehabilitation of sick and/or injured marine turtles. It is run only by very passionate volunteers and you and your kids can see firsthand the amazing work that takes place at the Centre by participating in a 45-minute tour offered once per day at 1pm. Learn all about marine turtles and the vital work that goes on at the Centre in order to release these incredible creatures back into their ocean home.

Additional Fun Activities

In addition to splashing about in the resort pool and having some fun in our games room, kids staying at Fitzroy Island Resort are also welcome to participate in a wide range of complimentary kids activities, including:

  • Art and Craft
  • Educational ‘Touch & Feel’ talk on Marine Life
  • Fish Feeding
  • Movie Screenings
  • Special Daily Kids Activities (during School Holidays)

These activities are subject to seasonal change and we recommend you check with reception as to the current timetable.

Fitzroy Island - An Amazing Holiday Location Near Cairns for Kids and Families Additional Fun Activities

Every Saturday afternoon at 4pm, your kids also have the opportunity to get together with other children staying on the island and participate in our Kids Fitness activity, which runs for 45 minutes and may include a selection of outdoor sports and games such as dance parties, kids movement patterns, kids yoga on the beach and pool parties! There is tons of fun waiting to be had!

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