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Fitzroy Island: Your Elopement and Small Wedding Destination

Just you and your love, celebrating your coming together in a romantic and stress-free wedding ceremony sounds ideal, doesn’t it?  Well, instead of letting the all too stressful planning of a wedding overwhelm you, a celebration for two, in an idyllic location is possible – and the best part is, you don’t need a passport to get there!

Fitzroy Island is a truly tropical paradise that is immersed in the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, Australia, and just so happens to be the perfect destination for you to say your ‘I dos’.  And with a team ready to help put your dream destination wedding together, there isn’t an easier way to being the next chapter of your life together!


A Little Bit About Fitzroy Island

Located just 45-minutes via fast cat from Cairns in Tropical North Queensland, Fitzroy Island is a heritage listed island and is the epitome of the saying “where the rainforests meets the reef”. 97% of the island is a National Park –  with luscious tropical rainforests and exquisite coral gardens of the Great Barrier Reef just metres from the shore, Fitzroy Island is like no other place on earth.

It also happens to be home to the beach crowned as Australia’s best in 2018 – Nudey Beach.  A secluded white coral stretch, Nudey Beach is picturesque and just one of the many stunning wedding ceremony locations on the island.  Incredible vistas surround you at every turn on Fitzroy Island, making it the perfect backdrop for your destination wedding.


Why People are Choosing to Elope

While a traditional wedding was once upon a time the dream of many, there has been a shift towards a smaller more intimate wedding experience in more recent years.  The change can be attributed to a number of things, for some it’s the idea of being the centre of attention for an entire day that puts them off a large wedding; while for others, it’s the idea of having to invite everyone they have ever met; and for some, the impact of Coronavirus has seen them having to either face postponing their wedding, or cut down the number of guests that can attend.

And for many others, the cost is a driving factor for choosing smaller weddings and elopements.  Once upon a time, the idea of a destination wedding was something that was only achievable for the super wealthy who had a budget to match, but now, when all costs (and stress) of a standard wedding are taken into consideration, a destination wedding in paradise is not unattainable.  Especially when that paradise is in Australia’s own backyard.

But it’s not just the potential savings that can be had when you elope – read on for some of the benefits of saying ‘I do’ in paradise.


Why You Should Say ‘I Do’ in Paradise

1. An All-Round Dream Location

It’s no secret that the wedding venue is one of the most costly parts of the whole wedding experience, and you really only spend a short amount of time there. With a destination wedding, you can spend time pre- and post-your wedding on a relaxing island.

Imagine having the crystal-clear waters and the sun-kissed shore of a tropical island as the backdrop of your wedding!

Not only will you be spoilt at every direction with gorgeous scenery, when you’re at Fitzroy Island, you’re in a place where the sun is almost always shining, the temperature is pleasant, and romance is amplified.  Imagine the incredible sunsets you can soak in as you enjoy your first day with your new husband or wife. Fitzroy Island is a surreal and scenic paradise like no other.


2. Save on Money and Time

Weddings are known to take a lot of planning, but by choosing a destination wedding, the bulk of this planning is taken out of your hands.  And what better way to start your married life, than with less stress?

There is a common misconception that a destination wedding comes with a huge price tag, but with the average cost of an Australian wedding currently sitting just above $33k, and continuing to rise, packaging your special day into a destination wedding can actually be a substantially more affordable option.

At Fitzroy Island, you can choose from wedding packages that have been put together to be flexible and make it as easy as possible for your big day.  With options including accommodation, decorations, and the wedding itself, you can find yourself saving on not having to organise multiple vendors and suppliers, or finding a venue.  This can help you save both time and money.



3. Let Others Take On the Bulk of the Planning

Advantages Of A Destination Wedding Easy To Plan

Many people talk about their wedding day being a bit of a blur – and it’s no wonder!  Especially with all of the excitement of the day, and the months and months of planning that have gone into it.  When you choose a destination wedding, no matter the size, you have the benefit of others helping to plan the wedding in the location itself.

You make the decision of the destination for your wedding, and choose a package to suit you and your partner, and you can leave a lot of the other details to the professionals.  At Fitzroy Island, you have a wedding planning team at your fingertips who have been putting together dream weddings for many couples for years.  They can do the groundwork, and you don’t have to become a big events planner overnight!  You can work with the team to personalise your wedding, but you don’t have to worry about the details!


4. A Relaxing and Personalised Experience, Made For You

Like we mentioned above, many people feel like the wedding day passes by so quickly.  But while you’ve got the helping hands of others to plan your wedding, you can take a step back and relax.  Many couples come a few days before their planned nuptials, so they can take some time to explore, get pampered and enjoy the experience.

Being in a location like Fitzroy Island, where you’re in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef, on a tropical island, will give you the best and most relaxing lead up to a wedding possible, so by the time the big day rolls around, you’ll be ready and able to take it all in.

And if you are a couple eloping, a destination wedding can be such a personal experience.  You can be avoid the drama of others, or concerns as to whether everyone is having a great time.  The day is about you two, and you two alone.  You can take the first day of the rest of your lives together in and savour the moment.


5. Your Guests Will Love it (if you have them)

If you do decide to include friends and family in your wedding celebrations, Fitzroy Island is your ideal location.

With an abundance of activities, water sports and tours available for people of all ages to participate in, everyone will enjoy their time here.  You and your guests can take part in pre- and post-wedding activities of all sorts.

Being easily accessible and closely located to Cairns, means that all of Tropical North Queensland is at yours and their disposal to explore.  You don’t have to worry about keeping anyone entertained either, because entertainment is always on the cards at Fitzroy Island.

And guests are easily added to any of the Fitzroy Island wedding packages.  Our packages can cater from 2 people to 250.  The island also has a huge array of affordable accommodation options available.


6. You’re Already on Your Honeymoon

A wedding on a tropical island also means a honeymoon on a tropical island! Of course you can head off to another location, but why would you when you’re already in paradise?  Like we mentioned before, Fitzroy Island is a hub for all sorts of activities and tours, and it’s also one of the many islands immersed in the Great Barrier Reef, so you’re all set for seeing world wonders.

And if an adventurous honeymoon isn’t your speed, you’re still in the right place.  Pristine beaches make the perfect place to spend your day relaxing by the waters lapping the shore, while the swim up bar gives you a place to spend the afternoon. There is so much to do in this area that makes Fitzroy Island an ideal honeymoon location – find out more information about FYou can find out more about honeymoons on Fitzroy Island here.


Fitzroy Island Wedding Packages

The Fitzroy Island Wedding Team have put together a number of packages, with something to suit all styles and budgets.  Each package has been designed to cater for elopements to weddings of up to 250 guests, with many optional extras to choose from.

No matter the wedding package you choose, there are some perks! Besides a highly qualified team doing the heavy lifting for you – you will have transfers to and from the island onboard the Fitzroy Flyer, an upgrade to a Welcome Bay Suite at the Fitzroy Island Resort and a bottle of Australian sparkling wine on arrival, all complimentary to you – it is our gift to you!

For more information on the wedding packages available at Fitzroy Island, click here.


Your wedding day really doesn’t need to be stressful.  A destination wedding takes the hassle out of creating your dream wedding.  Work with a  professional team that can do the leg work, while you get to focus on the important things, like you and your husband or wife to be!  Whether you’re eloping, or planning to bring friends and family, Fitzroy Island is your destination of choice for you to say ‘I do’.  Start your new chapter together stress-free and in wedded bliss!

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