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Fitzroy Island Resort and the Tourism Reef Protection Initiative

At Fitzroy Island Resort, we are deeply committed to preserving the stunning natural environment that makes our location so unique. Our dedication to conservation led us to join the Tourism Reef Protection Initiative (TRPI) in December 2022, a significant step toward safeguarding the health of the Great Barrier Reef. With the TRPI’s support and funding, we have implemented numerous measures to monitor and protect our fringing reefs, culminating in a series of impressive achievements as the program concludes in June 2024.

Achievements of Fitzroy Island Resort in TRPI Program

1. Integration of Environmental Stewardship

Environmental stewardship has become a core pillar of Fitzroy Island Resort’s operations, influenced significantly by the TRPI program. This integration ensures that our commitment to environmental care continues with weekly monitoring activities independently of the TRPI.

2. Launch of the Marine Conservation Program (MCP)

In 2023, we launched the Marine Conservation Program (MCP), involving guests and staff in coral monitoring, Drupella snail removal, and participation in the Eye on the Reef program. This initiative, developed with TRPI’s assistance, has raised awareness and collected valuable ecological data for reef conservation.

3. Staff Training and Capacity Building

Regular training sessions have been conducted for our staff, focusing on reef monitoring techniques and invasive species management. This has increased our staff’s expertise, allowing them to conduct conservation activities effectively and provide guests with accurate, informative insights about the reef.

4. Enhanced Monitoring of Fitzroy Island Reef Health

Through the TRPI program, we enhanced our capacity for detailed reef monitoring. We conducted over 150 hours of monitoring, including 322 RHIS surveys, 72 tourism weekly surveys, and 11 photopoint surveys. These efforts have provided extensive data on coral health, growth rates, and biodiversity.

5. Drupella Snail Management

We successfully removed 2,598 Drupella snails during the program, significantly mitigating their impact on coral health. This effort, particularly critical after the 2024 bleaching event, has been crucial in maintaining the reef’s health and resilience.

6. Rapid Response to Environmental Challenges

We implemented rapid response protocols for events like coral bleaching, increasing monitoring during these periods and enhancing data collection on environmental parameters. Our efforts have been recognized at the Reef Resilience Symposium 2024 as an exemplary model for proactive management.

7. Guest Engagement and Education

We developed educational programs and guided tours to inform visitors about reef conservation, fostering a sense of environmental responsibility. Guests participated in over 30 monitoring activities and helped remove more than 150 Drupella snails, enhancing their understanding and appreciation of the reef ecosystem.

8. Media Exposure and Public Awareness

Our conservation programs received extensive media coverage, including features in 7 News Cairns, Australian Geographic, and the Cairns Post. This exposure has highlighted the success and impact of our efforts, raising public awareness about reef conservation.

Summary of Achievements

Through structured programs, increased capacity, and active engagement of both staff and guests, Fitzroy Island Resort has significantly enhanced its conservation efforts. These initiatives have led to tangible improvements in reef health monitoring, invasive species control, and public awareness. Our comprehensive training programs have empowered staff to provide guests with accurate and informative insights about the Fitzroy Island reef, enriching the visitor experience and fostering a deeper understanding of reef conservation.

At Fitzroy Island Resort, we remain dedicated to the ongoing protection and preservation of our beautiful natural surroundings, ensuring that future generations can enjoy the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef. Together, we can make a lasting difference.

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