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Why Fitzroy Island is the perfect honeymoon destination in Australia

The honeymoon is arguably one of the events newlyweds look forward to the most. This is the part when you can finally throw your pre- and post-wedding stress out the window and enjoy the first stage of married life.

That’s why finding the most romantic and memorable honeymoon is almost as important as finding the perfect ring. It may require a bit more work, but it can also be as thrilling as the holiday itself.

But if you want to save time and effort, and avoid doing any homework, might we recommend booking a trip to Fitzroy Island? A tropical island off the coast of Cairns, Fitzroy Island is one of the best honeymoon destinations in Australia. Whether you’re aiming for an adventure-filled escapade or a more relaxed and romantic holiday, Fitzroy Island is the place to be!

Let us tell you more about why an escapade on this tropical island is one for the books and a must-try at least once in your life.

Its tropical location is ideal for a romantic honeymoon

What could be more fitting for a romantic honeymoon than a getaway in paradise? Fitzroy Island is exactly that. It’s located in Tropical North Queensland, on the calm waters of the Great Barrier Reef and covered with lush rainforests and only the best beaches.

Its relaxing environment and scenic views can also make you feel that you’re a million miles away from the hustle and bustle of your city. But don’t worry, Fitzroy Island while it feels like you’ve escaped the real world, it’s really accessible.

The best way to get there is to make your way to the Cairns Marine, which is only a 10-minute drive from the Cairns Domestic and International Airport. From there, hop on Fitzroy Island’s very own, Fast Cat ferry.  The ferry only takes 45 minutes to reach Fitzroy Island and departs several times throughout the day.

The best thing about Fitzroy Island is the region’s delightful weather all year round! So, the best time to visit this place is any time of the year you wish to!

Fitzroy Island boasts world-class accommodation and resort facilities


One day on the island is certainly not enough. Sure, you can sign up for a day tour, but we’re certain you would want to extend your stay right away once you’ve reached the island.

Good thing Fitzroy Island Resort offers a wide range of luxurious accommodation choices and facilities that can make honeymooners feel right at home, including:

The Island Suite

A spacious and luxurious one-bedroom suite, measuring at 71sqm in size, it includes a kitchenette, lounge and dining area, and a generous balcony. The Island Suite is the perfect place to retire to after a full day of sight-seeing on the island.

The Welcome Bay Suite

If you want to drink your morning coffee while looking at the long stretch of fine white coral beach and the gentle waves of turquoise seawater, this suite is for you.

It’s a gorgeous and spacious suite that’s located on the top floor, overlooking Welcome Bay. It boasts a full kitchen, a large balcony, and a separate bedroom with a queen-size bed.

The Butterfly Bungalows

If you want to sleep amongst the rainforest and the butterflies, far from the resort but only moments from the beach, then this type of accommodation is for you.

A bungalow can sleep up to four people. A queen-size bed is offered for the couple, with an option of bunk beds for two other guests.


Aside from these suites, below are only some of the facilities that you can enjoy during your stay on the island:

Happy hour at the Pool

After a long day at the beach, you can always go back to the resort and cool off by the pool with your new spouse. While you’re at it, enjoy cocktails and refreshing beverages at the swim up bar!

Zephyr Restaurant

It’s not a honeymoon without the fancy and delectable dinner paired with a glass of wine. So, be sure to make a reservation at Zephyr’s restaurant. Zephyr’s offers alfresco dining where skilled chefs cook for guests using the fresh produce of the Tropical North Queensland region.

You can also start your day with a hearty buffet breakfast at Zephyr’s, so you will have all the energy for the day’s activities.

Foxy’s Bar

If you just want to chill out, drink a few beers, listen to music, or maybe tear up the dancefloor with your partner, Foxy’s is the place to be. Foxy’s is a Pacific Islands-inspired bar that offers more casual dining and a wider range of cocktail options.

Since it’s located at the beachfront, it’s the best place to watch the sunset! What could be more romantic than watching the sun go down with your loved one?


With all the incredible activities and experiences, you’ll never get bored

The island’s dreamy environment will certainly lull you into sleep and full-on relaxation. But make no mistake. There’s more to Fitzroy than its honeymoon-perfect ambience, stunning seascapes, and landscapes.

Some of the incredible activities you can try in this part of the world include:

1. Explorations at the Reef

Five Amazing Ways To See The Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef Tours:  This World Heritage natural wonder is the crown jewel of Tropical North Queensland. You can’t visit this area without catching a glimpse of the majestic beauty of the Great Barrier Reef.

Good thing Fitzroy Island offers regular tours where you can explore the Reef through their Sunlover Reef Cruises. It’s a four-hour tour with fantastic inclusions like snorkelling, glass-bottom boat and semi-submersible coral reef viewing tours, an underwater observatory, marine life touch tank, and a hearty tropical buffet lunch!

If you plan on booking this tour, make sure to bring your camera to capture every moment of your trip!

Reef Fishing: If you and your partner want to try your hands on fishing, go check out the fishing charter trips by Cairns Reef Fishing! In this trip, everyone from experienced anglers to newbies are catered for.

Experienced skippers and deckhands will show you the ropes of fishing the Great Barrier Reef. If you’ve got the beginner’s luck, you can reel in some big fish like trevally, codfish, tuna, mackerel, and so much more!


2. Adventures on the island

Unbeknownst to many, 97% of Fitzroy Island is a national park which you can explore via hiking trails. These tracks will allow you to marvel at the island’s rich vegetation and occasional wildlife appearances.

If getting lost in the jungle is your cup of tea, you’ll enjoy Fitzroy Island’s trails.

Summit Trail

Of all the tracks you can find on the island, the Summit Trail is the most gruelling. But it’s also probably the most rewarding.

It’s a steep hike that will lead you to the island’s highest vantage point, hence the name. And there, you’ll see the entirety of the island, the vastness of the Great Barrier Reef, and other neighbouring tourist hubs like Palm Cove.

If you hike in the afternoon, there’s a good chance you’ll have a glimpse of the Fitzroy sunset!

Lighthouse Trail

Compared to the Summit Trail, this off the beaten path is somewhat easier. This path will lead you to the island’s iconic lighthouse that was used decades ago.

Although it’s not working anymore, the lighthouse didn’t lose its charm and continues to attract tourists from all over the world. In fact, the Lighthouse Trail is probably the most popular track in Fitzroy, solely because of the vintage beauty of this lighthouse!

Secret Garden Walk

If you want a magical experience, this is the path that you can take. It’s a relatively easy and peaceful walk that allows you to weave through the towering trees of the island while listening to the humming of the birds and following the flight path of the butterflies.

At the end of the path, there’s a platform there where you can sit down and fully immerse yourself in nature.

Nudey Beach Walk

Fitzroy Island is home to one of Australia’s most stunning beaches, the Nudey Beach. This stretch of white coral beach is so beautiful that it was named the country’s most beautiful beach in 2018!

But like they always say, the journey could be as majestic as the destination. The Nudey Beach Walk is a jaw-dropping trail that weaves you through the trees and giant boulders of the island then it ends with a beautiful view of the glistening blue waters of the beach!

Whether you prefer the beach or the trails, this path will give you the best of both worlds!


Book your stay at Fitzroy Island Resort


When all the vows have been said and all the dancing has been done, all that’s left to do is to relax and have fun. And if you’re still prospecting for a place to spend your honeymoon, look no further. Fitzroy Island is the place to be!

This paradise is the perfect place for honeymooners who love a mix of relaxation, great food, and adventure! If you’re that kind of couple, well, it’s a perfect match! It doesn’t stop at honeymoons though, Fitzroy Island is also the perfect place for your wedding. Learn more about weddings on Fitzroy Island here.

Book your stay here!




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