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Three Incredible Kayaking Locations Near Cairns
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Three Incredible Kayaking Locations Near Cairns

Kayaking is a fabulous activity for so many reasons, as it is an excellent form of incidental exercise and enables you to visit and explore numerous stunning places that cannot be easily reached by other means. As a result, kayaking continues to grow in popularity in locations all around the country.

Tropical Far North Queensland (TFNQ) and the Cairns area itself are brimming with outstanding locations to go kayaking. Regardless of whether you prefer freshwater kayaking or sea kayaking, you are spoilt for choice in TFNQ. In this article, we shall introduce you to three outstanding kayaking locations in the Cairns region.

Double Island, near Palm Cove

Double Island, located nearby the lovely and well-frequented seaside town of Palm Cove, is a fantastic spot to explore via kayak (and snorkelling). Many interesting animals call the reef that surrounds the island home, including numerous different species of coral and tropical fish, alongside captivating crabs, octopus and sea cucumbers, just to name a few!

Join a half-day tour to Double Island with local company Palm Cove Watersports for the ultimate adventure. This tour is four hours in duration and departs from the Palm Cove pier at 8:30am (provided weather conditions are suitable). Palm Cove is ideally located just 25 minutes via road from the city of Cairns.

Your half-day tour begins with a paddle from the Palm Cove pier over to the island, where you can explore the incredible rockpools of Scout’s Hat beach, and enjoy some snorkelling here too, if you wish. Then, your tour shall see you kayaking eastwards to explore the island’s incredible sea caves, followed by delicious local fruit treats at yet another beautiful beach.

The final part of your adventure includes exploring Double Island’s western waters, which are frequently visited by rays, shovel nose sharks and tropical fish. Who knows, if luck is on your side, a local dolphin or sea turtle might even glide past to say hello on your journey back to the Palm Cove pier!

Three Incredible Kayaking Locations Near Cairns, Double Island, near Palm Cove

Image Credit: cairnspost.com.au

Fitzroy Island, off the coast of Cairns

One of the most breathtakingly beautiful kayaking locations nearby Cairns is Fitzroy Island, an idyllic tropical island paradise located just 25km by Fast Cat from the Cairns Marina. Fitzroy Island is located right in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef, making it one of the ultimate locations for amazing kayaking in the Cairns area.

All the equipment you require for your self-led kayaking adventure around Fitzroy Island is available for hire from the island’s Activities Centre. Be sure to hire a glass bottom kayak for optimum viewing capabilities! As you gently paddle your way around the island’s surrounding waters, you can admire the magic of the Great Barrier Reef below you, including different species of coral and gorgeous tropical fish, giant clams and majestic sea turtles (for which Fitzroy Island is famous).

If you are a keen nature lover, you might like to consider joining a 3-hour Guided Sea Kayaking Tour lead by one of our experienced and enthusiastic guides, who shall teach you all about the surrounding reef as well as the rich history of Fitzroy Island itself. Suitable for participants aged 14 and over, this tour includes all relevant equipment hire (including snorkelling gear), a delicious picnic lunch, and shall see you exploring private coves and reefs dotted around the island that cannot be reached any other way.

Fitzroy Island welcomes day visitors to the island, as well as the option to stay at its exclusive resort, enabling you to relax, unwind and enjoy all the island has to offer. Regardless of your budget, there is bound to be an accommodation type that suits your preference, from budget-friendly camping, all the way up to the 4-Bedroom Penthouse.


Babinda Creek, 55km from Cairns

Babinda Creek is a much-loved freshwater kayaking spot amongst locals and visitors alike, with the option to bring along your own kayak, hire the relevant gear, or join a local tour. This exquisite, crystal-clear mountain stream originates from Mount Bartle Frere, the highest mountain found anywhere in Queensland. Babinda Creek is situated nearby the township of Babinda (55km from Cairns).

There are several things that make Babinda Creek such an outstanding spot for kayaking, including its pristine water, lush rainforest and sugar cane field surroundings, giant granite boulders, and who could forget its fascinating inhabitants – think turtles, the wondrous platypus and loads of beautiful fish.

Three Incredible Kayaking Locations Near Cairns, Babinda Creek, 55km from Cairns

Image Credit: traveloz.com.au

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