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Sustainable Practises on Fitzroy Island + Plastic Free July ♻️

Sustainability is at the forefront of our minds here at Fitzroy Island, and the surrounding tropical rainforests and the precious Great Barrier Reef are a constant reminder of why this topic is so important. It is estimated that 15.7 billion plastic items will cover coral reefs in the Asia-Pacific before 2025, along with the increased devastating ecological impacts of pollution, overfishing and coral bleaching.

We all have the opportunity to protect the planet and support our natural environments by making small changes in our everyday lives. There is no better time to start introducing more sustainable practises into your life than Plastic Free July!

Since 2011, Plastic Free July has advocated for reducing and eventually culling plastic waste globally. This is a thriving Australian initiative that has led the way for positive environmental impact around the world, and you’re invited to get involved this year for Plastic Free July.

To give you an idea of how incredible this project really is…

In 2020 alone, participating businesses and partners of the Plastic Free Foundation saved 904 million kg of plastic waste by incorporating strategies for eco-smart production and sustainable alternatives. Wow! Amazing things can happen when people work together – it’s the collaborative effort that makes a difference.

There are several ways that we have incorporated sustainable practises on Fitzroy Island:

The Last Straw

Fitzroy Island has said goodbye to plastic straws. We all know about the shocking effects that plastic has on our ecosystems and wildlife. It is estimated that there will be 70,000 less straws a year thanks to this initiative!

Single-use plastics

We have swapped single-use plastic items with environmentally friendly options. Coffee cups and takeaway containers are now biodegradable, plastic bags are now paper, and cutlery is replaced with bamboo.

Citizens of the GBR

Fitzroy Island is committed to ensuring best practice when it comes to protecting the natural world around us. We know how lucky we are to call this place home and we aim to protect it the best we can.

Turtle Rehabilitation Centre

If you have been on a turtle tour here, you will know about this place! This centre is for unwell turtles that have often ingested plastics or been hurt by illegal hunting. The turtles remain here until they are well enough to be released back into the oceans.

Reef Restoration Foundation

This fabulous team of volunteer environmentalists work towards making the GBR a flourishing habitat. You might have heard about the offshore coral nursery here on Fitzroy Island where corals are grown from off cuttings and then replanted to the Great Barrier Reef – how amazing is that? Get involved by adopting a coral online. https://reefrestorationfoundation.org/collections/be-a-coral-crusader

Eye on the Reef & Reef Check

Our resident Marine Biologist tracks natural events on the Great Barrier Reef such as coral spawning, but also monitors harmful occurrences such as coral bleaching, invasive crown-of-thorns starfish and marine pollution through surveying.

DIY Workshops

We host a variety of DIY Workshops for our Resort Guests including make your own body scrubs and Bug Bite Balms! Learning how to make your own products is a brilliant way to reduce waste and reuse containers. Plus, these workshops are so fun!

Beach Clean-Up’s

Fitzroy Island hosts beach clean-up events and collates data on marine debris for Tangaroa Blue Foundation, an incredible not-for-profit organisation that removes and prevents marine debris across Australia.

Sustainability information sessions

Still want to learn more? Join an informative talk or tour to see how we are minimising our ecological impact on Fitzroy Island.

Discover more online at fitzroyisland.com/sustainability

Joining in on Plastic Free July? Here’s a few ways to limit plastic in your life.

  • Plastic bags – BYO reusable bags everywhere you go. Keeping some bags in the car is a helpful tip for grocery shopping!
  • Ditch single use plastics – straws, cutlery, takeaway food containers
  • Swap Glad Wrap for beeswax wraps or containers
  • Shop at the farmers market for fresh produce or buy at bulk food stores
  • Grow your own herb garden
  • Swap plastic containers for glass or metal
  • Choose reusable or biodegradable products; water bottles, razors, coffee cups, toothbrushes etc
  • Refill products that are in plastic bottles; shampoo and conditioner, soaps & cleaning products – this is where buying in bulk comes in handy!

Cutting out plastic from your life entirely may sound a little daunting at first, and that’s why Plastic Free July is a brilliant time to start! This way, you can ease into plastic-free living and make some simple changes that you might not have ever thought about before.

If you are getting involved with Plastic Free July, feel free to share your tips and tricks to sustainable living on our Instagram and Facebook pages. Thanks for being an awesome human and giving plastic-free living a go!

Find out more about Plastic Free July https://www.plasticfreejuly.org/about-us/

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