30 Mar
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There’s More to Fitzroy Island than Meets the Eye

If you’re not really into swimming or water sports, then you probably haven’t even considered a tropical island as a holiday destination for you. While there is certainly a lot of focus on the fun and frivolity of the beach and the water on a tropical island, on the right island, there are plenty of other activities and experiences to be had – and Fitzroy Island is definitely one of those islands! The fun to be had on the land is just as great on Fitzroy Island, and today, we’re going to tell you about some of the incredible on-land

21 Mar
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Get Married in Australia’s Most Beautiful Wedding Destination

It’s no secret that planning a wedding takes time, patience, and a lot of organisation skills. There are lots of things to think about – the guestlist, when to have it, the dress, the cake, the bridal party, and groomsmen, and of course, the location. That’s one burden we can take off your plate if you’re trying to plan the romantic wedding of your dreams, because we know an ideal, tropical paradise that is just perfect for your wedding, and it’s right here on Fitzroy Island. Not only is Fitzroy Island an ideal place for your wedding, but our wedding

02 Mar
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Here’s Why Fitzroy Island is the Perfect Holiday Destination for Families

When it comes to finding a holiday destination that is family friendly – it’s not always easy. Many places welcome families with open arms, but in reality, there isn’t much to do that is truly family friendly. A family friendly destination needs to be safe, inviting, and above all, a whole lot of fun. Which, we’re glad we can say, here at Fitzroy Island, that’s exactly what we are. Our gorgeous tropical island is the ideal family holiday destination in Australia, and here’s why. 1.       It’s so easy to get to When travelling with the family, you don’t want to

21 Jan
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Media Release – Redevelopment underway at Fitzroy Island Resort

Fitzroy Island Resort is in the midst of a million dollar makeover in preparation for an anticipated boom as confidence returns to the interstate and international travel sectors. Three generations of the owners – Doug Gamble, his daughter Tanya, and her son Jason Foy – have played a role in the family’s plans to modernise the Australian-owned resort and its day facilities. Fitzroy Island Resort General Manager Sheena Matthews said strong demand from Queensland holidaymakers over the past two years had strengthened the owners’ belief that it was time to invest in the Great Barrier Reef resort. “A $500,000 remodelling

20 Jan
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Fitzroy Island: The Ultimate Destination for Nature Lovers

“Walking through rugged mountains or deep embracing forests is cleansing and inspiring. What happens when we are cleansed and inspired? We become reconnected with our inner selves; we feel renewed.” — Henryk Skolimowski, EcoYoga Inspiration can be found whenever nature is nearby, even in such small pleasures like breathing in fresh air and feeling the sun on your face. You’ll find there is an undeniable sense of calm that comes from the gravity of nature, one that is impossible to replicate anywhere else. With warm tropical ocean waters, balmy weather all year round, and exciting activities awaiting you at every