14 Nov
coral spawning at the great barrier reef.
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Media Release – Australia’s first offshore nursery gives birth

Corals grown in Australia’s first offshore coral nursery at Fitzroy Island off Cairns have spawned for the first time after being planted on the Great Barrier Reef four years ago. Thousands of tiny pink bundles of eggs and sperm have erupted from branching acropora corals planted in Welcome Bay to the delight of the team at the not-for-profit Reef Restoration Foundation. Reef Restoration Foundation Chief Executive Officer Ryan Donnelly said a coral farming expert and three marine biologists recorded the event at the inshore reef which signalled the start of coral spawning on the Great Barrier Reef with the outer

15 Oct
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Coral Spawning: A Guide to the Great Barrier Reef’s Biggest Event

While the Great Barrier Reef puts on a marvellous display all day, every day, there is a particularly special event that occurs in the last few months of the year. Sometime between October and December each year, coral spawning occurs. This is arguably the Reef’s most important event, but it’s also a natural and highly mysterious event. Much of the news we hear about the Reef is that it is endangered, largely due to human actions. These actions are both direct and indirect, some of these actions which can cause the demise of coral reefs include unethical fishing practices and

13 Oct
indigenous culture tour.
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Discover Cairns and Tropical North Queensland’s Indigenous Culture

For many thousands of years cairns and the surrounding region has been home to not only two of the world’s most stunning natural attractions, but also the world’s oldest continuous culture, the Australian aboriginal culture. Cairns is nestled between the Great Barrier Reef in the Coral Sea and the Wet Tropics rainforest on the land, and while these are now some of the most popular tourist destinations in Australia, they also play an important role in the Indigenous lifestyle of the region. The indigenous stories of creation, as well as the survival of the indigenous people was dependent on the

30 Sep
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We Answer Your Questions About Fitzroy Island

We know that when it comes to holiday planning, there is a lot to think about.  In fact, we’re often asked a lot of questions about holidays and trips to Fitzroy Island, so we thought that we would compile a list of the most common questions we’re asked and give you the answers all in one place.  So, if you’ve been thinking about coming to visit Fitzroy Island and you have some questions, read on to see if we have answered your question here.  Frequently Asked Questions About Fitzroy Island How long does it take to get to Fitzroy Island?

22 Sep
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Plan Your Next Girl’s Trip to Fitzroy Island

Is there anything better than a tropical island with pristine beaches, turquoise waters lining the shores and beautiful weather all year long? Maybe the fact that a place like this exists only a stone’s throw from Cairns in North Queensland, Australia. Fitzroy Island is the name of this magical paradise. When we say paradise, we definitely do not use the term loosely. Fitzroy Island is an idyllic and tranquil tropical island that makes you feel like you’ve flown halfway across the world to some exotic location, but really, it’s only 45 minutes by ferry from the Cairns Marina. Besides the