08 Nov
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Media Release: Inshore corals spawn at Fitzroy Island

MEDIA RELEASE                                                                                         November 8, 2019 Inshore corals spawn at Fitzroy Island Massive boulder corals releasing eggs and squid feeding on a slick of coral spawn have been captured on video at Fitzroy Island off Cairns. Fitzroy Island Master Reef Guide Azri Saparwan said the island’s successful inshore reef coral spawn on October 19 was the first step for the next generation of corals for the Great Barrier Reef. “This is an exciting precursor to the annual Great Barrier Reef spawn expected to take place on the outer reefs off Cairns on November 16-17,” he said. “I joined Stuart Ireland

01 Nov
Why Fitzroy Island Is The Perfect Honeymoon Destination
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Romantic Tropical Honeymoon in Paradise – Welcome to Fitzroy Island

Most married couples will tell you just how much planning, organising and decision-making is involved when it comes to planning your dream wedding day. Amongst all the hard work of planning a wedding, one of the most exciting and pleasurable things to organise is your honeymoon with your new husband or wife! Regardless of how much you wish to spend on your honeymoon, no honeymoon is complete without lots of romantic moments and experiences and a taste of adventure. This sort of honeymoon is just what Fitzroy Island is all about! Let us tell you now exactly why a romantic

31 Oct
Best Snorkelling Locations on the East Coast of Australia
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Eight Awesome Ways to Experience Fitzroy Island on a Budget

Thinking about visiting the world-famous Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, Australia may seem out of reach in terms of cost. However, rest assured there are plenty of fabulous ways to explore the Reef and the incredible Tropical Far North Queensland region on a budget! Paying a visit to stunning Fitzroy Island, located just off the coast of Cairns (accessible by taking a 45-minute Fast Cat ride from the Cairns Marina) is a very affordable, not to mention magnificent way to explore not only the surrounding Great Barrier Reef (that’s right, Fitzroy Island is located right in the heart of this

30 Oct
Three Sensational Snorkelling Spots Near Cairns
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Three Sensational Snorkelling Spots Near Cairns

When it comes to exploring all the magic that lays below the ocean’s surface, you just can’t beat snorkelling. Affordable, easy to learn, relaxing and awe-inspiring, snorkelling is the ultimate way to explore incredible sea life (and in some areas, river ecosystems, too). Unlike scuba diving, where you are required to undergo certification before taking your first dive (in addition to gearing up with all the relevant, heavy equipment), snorkelling is comparatively easier- all you need is your snorkel, mask, fins and a sense of adventure and you are ready to go! Tropical Far North Queensland (TFNQ) is one of

28 Oct
Why Fitzroy Island is one of Queensland's Top Destination Wedding Locations
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Why Fitzroy Island is One of Queensland’s Top Destination Wedding Locations

Destination weddings are the perfect opportunity to have a truly unique and spectacular wedding in a breathtaking location, all the while enjoying a once-in-a-lifetime holiday with all your favourite people together in the one place. What’s not to love? It’s no secret that Queensland is home to some of the most incredible beaches and islands in Australia and in fact the world. In particular, Tropical Far North Queensland, with its amazing, warm tropical weather, stunning palm-lined beaches, array of beautiful accommodation options and delicious local produce, is the perfect backdrop for a destination wedding. Gorgeous Fitzroy Island, located just off