08 Nov
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Things You Need To Know Before You Visit Fitzroy Island

Fitzroy Island is an idyllic tropical island getaway just off the coast of Cairns in Far North Queensland. Whether you’re planning on an extended holiday or just a day trip out to escape the pressures of everyday life, Fitzroy Island will leave you wanting to come back time and time again. There are so many amazing things to do and see while visiting Fitzroy Island. So, to ensure that you make your time on the Island the best and most memorable experience imaginable, we have shared some things here that you need to know before you visit to make your

31 Oct
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A Day At Fitzroy Island

Fitzroy Island provides the perfect escape from all the hustle and bustle of city life. Just a short 45 minute Fitzroy Flyer ride from Cairns, it is a popular day tour choice for both locals and visitors who are wanting a taste of laid back island living. Fitzroy Island has the perfect balance between allowing visitors to get back to nature and celebrate untouched landscapes with its rainforests and white beaches, while having the option to indulge their adventurous side with the numerous activities on offer. It has something for everyone, from families with young children to solo travellers. Some

24 Oct
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10 Reasons To Visit The Great Barrier Reef

We’ve all seen the breathtaking images of the Great Barrier Reef and often pictured ourselves enjoying a relaxing tropical holiday, exploring this amazing piece of paradise. Well, more than two million people from all over the world do exactly that every year and if you need any more convincing as to why you should be one of them, then here are ten reasons why you should take the plunge and visit the Great Barrier Reef for yourself. It’s One Of The 7 Natural Wonders Of The World The Great Barrier Reef is amazing! Not only is it the world’s largest

23 Oct
Five Species of Sea Wildlife You'll Find In Fitzroy Island Water
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Five Species of Sea Wildlife You’ll Find In Fitzroy Island Water

Fitzroy Island is a nature lover’s paradise. Located just off the coast of Cairns in Far North Queensland, it is covered in lush tropical rainforest and is situated amongst the World Heritage Listed Great Barrier Reef. The pristine water surrounding Fitzroy Island is teeming with the most impressive, spine-tingling wildlife. Here we will introduce you to five of the many species of wildlife that you can find in Fitzroy Island water. Sea Turtles Getting to see a turtle on a trip to the Great Barrier Reef is usually high on every visitor’s wish list. The Great Barrier Reef is home

18 Oct
Snorkelling Fitzroy Island
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Things First Time Visitors Should Do In Cairns

Cairns in Tropical North Queensland is famous for its incredible natural beauty, thrill seeking adventure opportunities and its laid back lifestyle. Whether you’re a solo backpacker or travelling with kids, you won’t be short on things to do and see. Cairns offers a smorgasbord of activities and adventures for visitors to indulge in, which leaves you with the big decision of what are the must do’s on your first trip to this amazing city. Here we have listed the top things first time visitors in Cairns should do to get the most out of their stay in this tropical paradise.