28 Oct
Fitzroy Island Sea Kayaking Tour
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Fitzroy Island Nature Wrap – October 2016

The Pied Imperial Pigeons are back and if you have swift eyes you may be lucky enough to spot one of two before they disappear into the jungle. We have also been lucky enough to be getting regular sightings of two truly spectacular White Bellied Sea Eagles in addition to the gorgeous Emerald Doves with their stunning green plumes. The Nudey Beach track and parts of the Secret Garden trail were briefly closed earlier this month while Queensland Parks and Wildlife Rangers issued much needed repairs to the pylons and bridge structures. They are now both reopened and extra safe

28 Sep
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Fitzroy Island Nature Wrap – September 2016

September has been truly spectacular. The weather has been perfect- blue skies, slight breeze and fantastic water visibility for snorkelling and diving. We have had a little rain overnight; just enough to ensure that the proposed island burn was abandoned until next year. the Queensland Park Rangers came out with all their gear ready to go, only for it to rain again that night (as it had a few nights this month). They went and checked just in case but came to the conclusion that the island is just too green to successfully burn this year. So we get to

31 Aug
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Fitzroy Island Nature Wrap – August 2016

Sometimes the Sulphur Crested Cockatoos are often see around our resort.  One day when I was speaking during a Turtle Tour under the shade of a large tree,  a Sulphur Crested Cockatoos swooped in and landed in the branches directly above my head.  I promptly relocated a metre to the side with the warning for people that they like to try to drop things on you. Well sure enough as I continued speaking a little black and white bomb came hurtling down and landed with a moist splash on the ground not ten centimetres to my right.  Looking up I saw that

31 Jul
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Fitzroy Island Nature Wrap – July 2016

Wow- what can I say about July? This month has truly been dominated by marine sightings. The whales are back and being sighted with some regularity from the beach, on the Fast Cat transfers and even from the Lighthouse! A Manta Ray has also been frequently spotted in both Welcome Bay and around the corner at Shark Fin Bay. Guests on the Glass Bottom Boat tours have been lucky enough to spot this magnificent creature as it careens through the water- on one particularly memorable sighting it was being closely followed by a small Reef Shark that was seeking shelter

28 Jun
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Fitzroy Island Nature Wrap – June 2016

June has been a really intense month as far as the wild life goes- this island has just taken it to a whole new level! It’s difficult to know where to begin but I’ll throw my mind back to the start of the month and see what I can tell you. So last month Ella the Green Sea Turtle left Fitzroy Island and was sent back into Cairns to be fitted with a satellite tracker ahead of her release. And what an incredible release it was- you may have caught the coverage of it on 60 Minutes. Incredibly Ella did