25 Sep
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Great Barrier Reef Tours from Cairns & Port Douglas

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the seven wonders of the natural world and Queensland’s most remarkable natural gift. It is the world’s largest coral reef, comprised of over 3000 reef systems and coral cays, and home to an abundance of mesmerising sea life. It is scattered with breathtaking tropical islands, including some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. Cairns in Far North Queensland is the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef, so it’s no wonder people from all all over the world flock to this small tropical city as the starting point for their Great Barrier Reef adventure.

31 Aug
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Fitzroy Island Lighthouse

Fitzroy Island is a breathtaking tropical Island in Far North Queensland and only a  short 45 minute Fast Cat ride from Cairns. Today, Fitzroy Island is a popular holiday destination for both tourists and locals who come to soak up the laid back tropical vibe of this Island paradise. It is covered in lush tropical rainforest with pristine sandy beaches and surrounded by magical coral reef and amazing marine life. However, Fitzroy Island wasn’t always just a hotspot for holidaymakers. It has had a diverse  and colourful history including operating as a Chinese quarantine station during the goldrush, being a

25 Aug
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Best Snorkelling Sites In Queensland

The thing that attracts many people to snorkelling is the fact that you don’t need a dive certificate or any heavy equipment to experience the immense beauty that lies just below the ocean’s surface. You just need to grab some fins, and mask and snorkel and off you go. The feeling of gliding through the warm, clear water and getting up close and personal with some amazing sea life is truly breathtaking. Here in Queensland we are especially privileged to be home to some of the most spectacular snorkeling sites in the world. Below we will share with you what

17 Aug
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Best Beaches In Cairns and The Tropical North

When you think of Cairns and the tropical North you instantly picture beautiful pristine beaches with soft white sand, calm clear blue waters and lush palm trees. Well that’s exactly what you get when you visit the beaches of Cairns and the Tropical North and there are plenty to choose from. However, some beaches stand out from the rest, so in this article we will take a look at the following beaches that we believe to be best beaches in Cairns and the Tropical North: Trinity Beach Palm Cove Ellis Beach Nudey Beach, Fitzroy Island Four Mile Beach, Port Douglas