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Must-Visit Beaches in Tropical North Queensland

If there is one thing Australia has, it’s beaches. The coastline surrounding this lucky country is home to many stretches of pristine sand and crystal clear blue waters lapping at the shore, with more than 10,000 beaches calling Australia home.  And while each state has some pretty great beaches on offer, none quite match what is on offer in the sunshine state – Queensland.

Tropical North Queensland in particular is home to some of the most spectacular beaches you will find in the world.  The beaches in this area are the kind that when you try to imagine the most idyllic beaches, the ones in your imagination don’t even compare.  But instead of conjuring up beaches in your imagination, let’s look at some of the best real ones in this part of the world.

Trinity beach

Located around 20 minutes north of Cairns, Trinity Beach is a favourite in the area for it’s family friendly vibe.  Lined with coconut trees, the beach offers plenty of shade for you to escape the sun, and because it’s sheltered between two large headlands, there is a feeling of privacy and seclusion.

With plenty of restaurants, cafes and bars lining the esplanade at Trinity beach, you can get to know the locals and find a bite to eat quite easily.  Or you can even prepare your own meals with plenty of free BBQs that are on the beachfront.

If you’re staying in the area, you’ll find accommodation options to suit all budgets, with hotels, motels and serviced apartments all available in the area.

You can also explore the area on one of the many walking tracks in the area – one of our favourites is the scenic Taylor’s Point walking trail. Located at the southern end of trinity beach, it’s a short but stunning stroll!

Palm Cove Beach

A bit further north from Trinity Beach, you’ll find yourself in Palm Cove.  A sleepy enclave that offers it’s guests not only spectacular sights, but also a calming sense of tranquility and relaxation.  Palm Cove gets it’s name from the postcard perfect palm trees that line the soft sand beach.

With a rich history, this boutique seaside village is home to many restaurants that boast some of the most delicious dishes you’ll taste in the region.  If you’re looking to stay in the area, this gorgeous little town has a number of classy resorts and hotels that will make you feel like you’re in paradise.  With many of the accommodation options being beachfront properties where you can relax and watch the crystal clear waters of the Coral Sea laps at the shore of Palm Cove beach.

Best Places to Go Stand Up Paddle Boarding Near Cairns Double Island, near Palm Cove

Ellis Beach

Making our way further north, just 5 minutes more up the road from Palm Cove, you’ll end up at Ellis Beach.  Ellis Beach is separated from Palm Cove by a rocky outcrop and is a thin 1km stretch of that soft Queensland sand you would expect to find in this part of the world.  Ellis Beach is a private getaway that is largely untouched and undeveloped and is somewhat less busy than some of the other beaches in the area – that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth a visit!

The uninterrupted stretch of sand offers you not only access to the beautiful tranquil waters of the Coral Sea, but also views of the rainforest that edges along the sandy shores.

Four Mile Beach

At the most northern point we’ll reach in this list is Four Mile Beach in Port Douglas. Chances are you’ve seen this one on a postcard somewhere. Four Mile Beach, as the name suggests, is a four mile stretch of fine soft sand that has an untouched quality about it. Located only a 5-minute walk from the main accommodation and restaurant areas of Port Douglas, Four Mile Beach has an untouched quality to it despite it being a popular attraction for visitors to the area.

The calm waters that are friendly for all ages, and the incredible views on offer make Four Mile Beach a popular destination for those in need of relaxation.  An unmissable part of any visit to Four Mile Beach is taking some time at the Flagstaff lookout, where you can see the whole stretch of the beach, with the crystal-clear waters of the Coral Sea lining that soft white sand, while the mountains and rainforest offer the perfect backdrop.

When you catch a glimpse of the panoramic views on offer, you’ll see why people love it!

Nudey Beach

To round out this list, we’re going to head slightly offshore – not too far though!  Over on Fitzroy Island, 45 minutes from Cairns via the fast cat ferry, you’ll find Nudey Beach.

Named as Australia’s best beach in 2018, when you see the turquoise water lapping against the white coral sand of Nudey Beach, you’ll totally get why. With granite boulders lining the beaches edge and the short stroll through the rainforest to get there, there aren’t many beaches that compare to Nudey Beach.

Fitzroy Island is a truly unique place, and is one of the many islands that call the waters of the Great Barrier Reef home.  In fact, just metres from the shore of Nudey Beach, you can explore some of the coral gardens of the Great Barrier Reef.

Diverse in its landscape, Fitzroy Island is the perfect place for the adventurous traveller, with walking trails that lead you to summits where you can view the ocean below, and many water-based activities that will keep you busy for hours, or even days.   You can swim, snorkel, stand up paddle board and kayak in the waters around the Fitzroy Island.  And that’s only some of the activities you take part in.  The Fitzroy Island Activities Centre can help you find the perfect adventure for you.

Spending a day at Nudey Beach is nice way to pass the time, but if you’re going to take the journey out to Fitzroy Island, and with accommodation options to suit any budget, we recommend staying a little while.


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