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How to Keep Fit During Your Stay on Fitzroy Island
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How to Keep Fit During Your Stay on Fitzroy Island

A holiday is not quite complete without a little indulgence, whether it’s delicious food, cocktails, massage – whatever it is that takes your fancy; however, going away on holiday doesn’t necessarily mean you wish to completely bail on your regular fitness routine. There are lots of options for keeping fit when going on holiday (even if you have to change things up a bit from what you’d normally do back home). This is particularly the case when you visit a destination as adventurous and unique as Fitzroy Island, with tons of enjoyable activities on offer to help you continue feeling fit, whilst also enjoying the tropical island outdoors.

Fitzroy Island is a tropical island paradise located just off the coast of Cairns in Tropical Far North Queensland, Australia. Fitzroy Island is unique in that it is situated right in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef, making for great snorkelling, scuba diving and other water activities (such as sea kayaking, stand up paddle boarding and bouncing on our very own giant ocean trampoline) straight from the beach!

Fitzroy Island also happens to be 97% National Park, and a variety of different walking and hiking trails intersect the beautiful rainforest vegetation and coastal woodlands. Additionally, Fitzroy Island Resort offers a number of fitness classes that are complimentary to guests staying overnight (or longer) at Fitzroy Island Resort. So much to choose from! Let’s take a look at these activities in more detail now.

How to Keep Fit During Your Stay on Fitzroy Island Water Activities

Water Activities

Is there anything better than grabbing your snorkel, mask and fins, stepping into the aqua ocean water that surrounds Fitzroy Island and gliding straight out onto the Great Barrier Reef? We don’t think so! Snorkelling is not only a very relaxing activity but also a gentle incidental workout, as you swim through the water and admire the incredible sea life around you (think majestic sea turtles, Clown fish and giant clams). The same can be said for scuba diving, though the pace is slower.

Glass-bottom sea kayaking (single or double) or stand up paddle boarding are two additional awesome ways to explore the reef that surrounds the island. Not only are these two activities tons of fun, they are bound to make you laugh as you build up your skills and confidence, all while getting in a fun and energetic workout!

If you are looking for something totally different, why not get bouncing on our giant ocean trampoline! Located just 25m from shore, our giant ocean trampoline is tons of fun for the whole family – you’ll forget you’re even exercising!

Walking and Hiking Tracks

Fitzroy Island has a number of walking and hiking tracks, whether you are looking for just a 5-minute gentle stroll, something longer to work up more of a sweat (such as our popular 45-minute tracks), or a 3-hour hike to the summit, if you’re feeling truly adventurous. There is something to suit all ages and fitness levels.

In addition to its incredible mix of vegetation, Fitzroy Island is also home to a number of magnificent animals, which can be spotted while exploring and enjoying the island’s trails.  Depending on your track of choice, you can expect to see lush rainforest vegetation, giant granite boulders, stunning white coral beaches and aqua ocean water.

Complimentary Fitness Classes

Did you know that here on Fitzroy Island we offer complimentary fitness classes for overnight guests staying at Fitzroy Island Resort? With a mix of activities on offer, participating in one (or more!) of our complimentary classes is a great way to work up a sweat and enjoy something a bit different.

Please see the below for an example of a week’s scheduled activities (subject to change – please check with reception for the current timetable; don’t hesitate to book your spot!):

-Tuesday 6pm: Sun & Moon Yoga on the Jetty (1 hour)

-Wednesday 9:30am: Workout Wednesday (45 minutes)

-Thursday 7:15am: Nudey Beach Sol Yoga & Walk (~1 hour 30 minutes)

-Friday 9:30am: Barefoot Zumba (1 hour)

-Saturday 9:30am: Yoga & Meditation (~1 hour)

-Saturday 4pm: Kids Fitness (45 minutes)

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