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Here’s What You Could Do on a Day Trip to Fitzroy Island

Whether you’re a local to the Cairns region in Tropical North Queensland or you’re just visiting, if you’re looking for a great way to spend the day, might we suggest a day trip to Fitzroy Island?

Fitzroy Island is a tropical island in the Coral Sea that takes less than an hour to get to and is full of amazing activities and experiences that you won’t find anywhere else.

So, if you’re looking for something a little different to do, then keep reading to find out what you could do on a day trip to Fitzroy Island.

Where is Fitzroy Island?

Before we dive into the activities you could give a go on the island, let’s first talk a little bit about this slice of paradise.

Fitzroy Island is a relatively small tropical island located about 45 minutes from Cairns in Far North Queensland. About 3.39 square kilometres in size, the island is almost entirely covered by a National Park that is home to various creatures, plants and spectacular vistas. On the island you’ll find a resort, a restaurant, a bar, and even the beach that was named Australia’s most beautiful in 2018 – Nudey Beach.

Even though the trip from Cairns takes no time at all, the island feels like a world of its own and is ready to give you the tropical island experience you’ve dreamt of. So, sit back, relax, and keep reading to find out what you can do during your visit.

Activities for Your Day Trip

One of the best things about Fitzroy Island is that no matter what your interests are – maybe you’re adventurous, looking to learn, wanting to relax, or you want a little bit of everything – there really is something that is going to appeal to you on the island. Here are some of our favourite Fitzroy Island activities.


Fitzroy Island is big enough for you to be able to get lost in adventure and small enough for you to not actually get lost. The island has several walking and hiking trails for you to explore the island. If you’re looking for something short and sweet you can check out the flora and fauna of the island on the 45 minute Secret Garden trail. If you’re looking for some spectacular views, then the Summit trip might be perfect for you, there’s a lighthouse and incredible views of the Coral Seas at the top. You can even conquer the island and do the entire Fitzroy Island loop which takes around 2.5-3 hours to complete.

If you want to make your walk an educative one, then pick up a booklet on the island so you can learn about the rich history of the island.

Water sports

It would almost be criminal to come to Fitzroy Island and not take advantage of the fact that the island is situated in the same waters as the Great Barrier Reef. In fact, there are coral gardens of the Reef only metres from the island’s shores.

You can take part in all kinds of water activities, from snorkelling and stand up paddle boarding to scuba diving and sea kayaking. Even if you’re not a fan of getting wet, you can take advantage of your location by taking a glass bottomed boat ride.

There are tours available for all kinds of water based activities and the Fitzroy Island Sports Hub also has plenty of equipment available to hire, so you don’t need to worry about lugging your snorkelling gear with you.

Beach Days

We mentioned earlier how Fitzroy Island happens to be home to Nudey Beach – which was once crowned as Australia’s most beautiful beach. So, when you’re in the area, why wouldn’t you take some time out to experience its beauty? The walk to Nudey beach isn’t too long from the main Welcome Bay of the island, taking about 45 minutes round trip. You can see the beauty of the island’s rainforest on your way to the white coral beauty of Nudey Beach. Once at the beach, why not take a break and watch the world pass you by? Bring a packed picnic and your swimmers, and you might just have the perfect afternoon.

Meet Sea Turtles

Fitzroy Island is home to the Cairns Turtle Rehabilitation Centre, which is a refuge for sick and injured sea turtles. Sea turtles who have fallen ill or been injured can safely recover from their afflictions with the help of the volunteers who work at the centre. Sea turtles face all kinds of dangers, from humans, environmental issues and animal predators, and with sea turtles being an endangered animal it is vital that they have somewhere where they can be taken care of.

When you visit the turtle rehab centre, you’ll learn about the turtles and even meet some of the current residents. A truly worthwhile experience and one that you should book because it’s always popular!

Wining and Dining

Whether you need a little sustenance between activities or you’re looking to unwind after a big day of island adventure, there’s no better way to do so than with delicious food and even better cocktails as the sun sets over the Coral Sea. Foxy’s, one of the dining options on the island, not only has the goods but also has the location. Marvel at the stunning beauty of Welcome Bay as you sip on some delightful drinks.

How to get to Fitzroy Island?

This tropical paradise island is only 45 minutes from the mainland. You just need to jump aboard the Fitzroy Flyer Ferry at the Cairns Marina to make the journey. You do have the option of taking your own boat to the island too – which there may be mooring fees applicable, depending on the length of your stay.

If you do plan to visit the island, even for a day trip, make sure you book your ticket on the Fitzroy Flyer, as it can be busy. There are a number of different times available to make your journey to and from the island – you can find up to date information here.

Stay a while

If you’re looking to escape the real world for a while, you could consider staying on Fitzroy Island at the resort. The Fitzroy Island resort offers a variety of accommodation options, with something to suit all budgets. From camping to penthouse suites, and everything in between, no matter the type of holiday you’re after, there’s an accommodation option to suit. Find out more about the accommodation on offer here.

The best part is that no matter the time of year, with the warm weather and stunning natural beauty always on display, you can visit Fitzroy Island whenever you like. Plan your day trip today!

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