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Get Married in Australia’s Most Beautiful Wedding Destination

It’s no secret that planning a wedding takes time, patience, and a lot of organisation skills.

There are lots of things to think about – the guestlist, when to have it, the dress, the cake, the bridal party, and groomsmen, and of course, the location.

That’s one burden we can take off your plate if you’re trying to plan the romantic wedding of your dreams, because we know an ideal, tropical paradise that is just perfect for your wedding, and it’s right here on Fitzroy Island.

Not only is Fitzroy Island an ideal place for your wedding, but our wedding team are also here to help you plan that perfect wedding, with a wide variety of wedding options available for you to choose from. Reduce the stress that comes with planning for a wedding by working with an experienced team who specialises in making wedding dreams come true.

So, if you’re planning a wedding, keep reading to learn more about Fitzroy Island and your wedding options now.

What you need to know about Fitzroy Island

Fitzroy Island is one of those rare holiday destinations that has something that appeals to everyone who visits its shores.

Located in the waters of the Coral Sea, the same waters that are home to the Great Barrier Reef, Fitzroy Island feels a million miles away from the real world. In reality, it’s only around 29km from the mainland, taking about 45 minutes to get there by boat from the Cairns Marina.

The island is 339 hectares in size, making it ideal for easy exploration. 97% of the island is a National Park, with various landscapes ready for you to adventure and discover, from luscious tropical jungles to woodlands, granite boulders to coral beaches.

With a resort that offers a variety of accommodation options, like camping, bungalows, rooms and suites, the island caters to various budgets – one of the reasons it has become one of the most treasured holiday destinations in Tropical North Queensland.

We haven’t even mentioned the weather – all year long this tropical island is a warm and welcoming paradise. Of course, the summer does bring a little bit of rain, but while the rest of the country to frozen in winter, Fitzroy Island comes alive with beautiful, sunny warm weather.


What you need to know about getting married on Fitzroy Island

While the idea of getting married in a place that is the earthly equivalent of paradise is obviously incredibly appealing, let’s talk about some of the finer details so you know whether Fitzroy Island is right for you.

Besides the perfect backdrop for your nuptials, Fitzroy Island offers you a few choices of venues for your wedding reception, these are below:

The Welcome Bay Room

Offering a scenic view of the blue waters of Welcome Bay, the Welcome Bay room has the ability to cater for up to 100 seated guests or 150 informal. A great option if you would prefer an indoor reception venue – there are wide balconies for guests to take in the beauty of the area from as well.

The Rainforest Room

For a smaller wedding, the Rainforest Room is perfect. Catering for up to 45 guests, this room offers incredible ocean views and of course, depending on the time of day, stunning views of the sunset.

Foxy’s Waterside and Gazebo

If you’re planning a large wedding and want a party atmosphere, then Foxy’s is for you. The beachside setting can cater to up to 250 guests, with the tropical scenery on full display, and a dancefloor just waiting for you!


The a la carte Zephyr restaurant is an elegant wedding reception suited to a smaller party – catering for up to 30 guests. Overlooking the luscious gardens and Welcome Bay’s calm waters, it’s the perfect place to begin married life.

Now, while the reception venue is of course important, arguably, where you actually say I do is even more important!

Luckily, Fitzroy Island has some pretty idyllic options for you to exchange your vows, including:

The Welcome Bay Garden

The calm waters of the Coral Sea will be your backdrop in the stunning tropical Welcome Bay Garden. With the luscious plants and freshly manicured lawn really immersing you deep into that tropical ambiance of your surrounds. A truly picturesque wedding ceremony location.

Welcome Bay Beach

If a beach wedding has always been a fantasy of yours, your guests can watch you say I do on the pristine white coral beach of Welcome Bay. Enjoy the warm afternoon sun as you exchange your vows. It’s something you will always remember, and so will your guests.

Nudey Beach

If you’re after a more intimate wedding ceremony, perhaps you’re eloping, then Nudey Beach, may be the best option for your ceremony. This location does require a short rainforest walk or boat ride to get there, however, the effort is certainly worth it – Nudey Beach wasn’t named Australia’s Most Beautiful Beach (2018), for no reason.

In addition to amazing places where you can exchange your vows and celebrate your coming together at, Fitzroy Island also offers you a range of wedding packages to choose from. Each package can suit weddings of any size, whether you’re having an intimate elopement or a huge family wedding! You can learn more about the various wedding packages currently available here.

To make planning your wedding even easier, we have a resident celebrant who can conduct your wedding. You can learn more about Adrienne Boyle here.


Why getting married on Fitzroy Island is a great idea

As you can see, we’re a team well-versed in creating those long-lasting wedding memories. We pride ourselves on our wedding services. And while we work hard to provide you with options for your wedding, including that dream location, there are also a whole host of benefits that come from choosing Fitzroy Island for your wedding destination in Queensland.

·       Perfect for all wedding sizes

Whether you’re planning a huge celebration, you want something intimate for just the two of you, or you want something in between, that’s ok, because we can cater to you. Our range of venues, ceremony options, and wedding packages available means there is something that will work for you. The resort also has numerous accommodation options available, so there is plenty of room for your guests. Just make sure they don’t get a better room than you!

·       It’s really easy to get to

While Fitzroy Island might feel like it’s a million miles away from anywhere – that perfect, secluded paradise – it only takes 45 minutes from the Cairns Marina to get to. You take the Fitzroy Flyer ferry to get to the island, which runs trips to and from the island twice a day. And if it’s your wedding, you will get free transfers to the island!

Cairns, being one of the major cities in Queensland, is easy to get to as well, with flights available from all over the country. If you’re a Queensland local, Cairns might even be within driving distance.

·       It’s affordable for you and your guests

You might think getting married on a tropical island is going to be super expensive, however, when you opt for one of our wedding packages, it can be quite affordable. It can also be an affordable option for your guests or if you choose to stay on the island after your wedding.

The array of accommodation includes options to suit all budgets from camping all the way to penthouse suites. There are also numerous activities, including many that are free or very low cost available to keep you entertained.

·       There’s so many activities and things to do

While you’re probably going to be pretty caught up in the wedding celebrations, if you choose to have guests, there are a lot of activities, experiences and adventures that will keep them entertained.

As you can probably imagine, there is basically any sort of water sport available, from scuba diving to snorkelling, sea kayaking to paddleboarding. There are various tours to explore the world around you. There’s the island itself, a nature lover’s paradise with walking trails, flora, fauna and beaches to explore. There’s even a turtle rehabilitation centre on the island as well!

·       It’s an ideal honeymoon destination

Choosing a destination for your honeymoon can almost be as challenging as finding the right place to get married in, which is another reason as to why getting married on Fitzroy Island is a really great option – you’re already on your honeymoon.

A tropical island with activities galore, so many opportunities for relaxation, and being located in the same place as the Great Barrier Reef, means there are so many tour options available for you to explore this wonderful world around you. There really isn’t anything else you could want in a honeymoon destination.

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Say I do in paradise

We all know how stressful planning a wedding can be, which is why you need to work with a team who is motivated and able to work closely with you to create the special day that you will always remember and cherish.

Plan your perfect wedding with Fitzroy Island today.

If you want to learn more about the wedding options available to you, click here.

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