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Snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef - Why You Can't Beat Fitzroy Island
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Fitzroy Island – The Ultimate Snorkelling Destination

If you’ve ever wanted to give snorkelling a go, or you’ve dipped your toes in the water before (pun intended) there is no better place for snorkelling than Fitzroy Island. Even for first timers!

Located in the waters of the Coral Sea, Fitzroy Island offers you a gateway to an incredible underwater world.  That’s because the waters that surround Fitzroy Island house the amazing coral gardens and unique marine life of the Great Barrier Reef.

Whether you’re raring to go, perhaps a little bit nervous, or a seasoned snorkeller, Fitzroy Island is a safe and unique place for snorkelling.

Keep reading to learn about Fitzroy Island and why it is an ideal snorkelling location – even for beginners!

Get to Know Fitzroy Island

A tropical island less than an hour off the coast of Cairns in the Tropical North Queensland, Fitzroy Island feels like you are worlds away on your own piece of paradise.

Almost entirely covered by a National Park, Fitzroy Island is a unique place.  The landscapes vary from woodlands to granite boulders, coral beaches to rainforests. Flora and fauna you won’t find anywhere else, live on and around the island.  And spending time on this tropical piece of paradise will make you question whether you ever want to go home again.

It’s location in the Coral Sea means that a huge variety of activities and adventures can take place in the waters around you, including snorkelling – so, let us tell you why you should foray into snorkelling here at Fitzroy Island.

Why Fitzroy Island is Perfect for Snorkelling

When it comes to discovering the magic of the ocean, there is no place more coveted than the Great Barrier Reef.  Home to coral reefs, gardens and more fish and marine wildlife than you could ever name, it is an unmissable experience that you can have just off the shores of Fitzroy Island.

And while this alone is a great reason for choosing Fitzroy Island to get your snorkelling on, it’s not the only one. Find out the rest right now.

Easy to Get to

Though it might sound like its miles away off the coast of Australia, Fitzroy Island is a lot closer than you think.  In fact, it takes about 45 minutes to get there from Cairns aboard the Fitzroy Flyer.

Fitzroy Island is a popular day trip destination for people who live, are staying, or holidaying in and around Cairns, but it’s also a popular holiday destination, with many people opting to stay for a weekend or week or two.

The Fitzroy Flyer makes the trip to Fitzroy Island and back a few times every day, so getting to Fitzroy Island is a breeze. Find out more about how easy it is to get to and from Fitzroy Island here.

They Have Everything You Need to Get Snorkelling

Best Snorkelling Spots Near Cairns

You don’t have to worry about lugging your own snorkel gear before you visit Fitzroy Island. You can hire all the gear you need from the Fitzroy Island Sports Hub. Masks, snorkels, fins, stinger suits and floatation vests are all available to hire, with prices starting at only $10 for the full day.

But it’s not just snorkelling gear that can be hired, the FISH also has a huge range of other fun water sport equipment available for hire as well (more on this later) and the friendly team can help you with organising guided tours and offer any advice to help get you started as well. There is even a guided snorkelling tour for beginners where you will learn the basics of snorkelling as well as find out more about the friendly marine life you may encounter.

Budget Friendly

An adventure on a tropical island probably seems like it might be expensive, but you can experience and enjoy all that Fitzroy Island has to offer, no matter your budget.

We mentioned that Fitzroy Island is a popular day trip destination, with lots of activities to keep you occupied, but if you are interested in staying for longer, accommodation options range from camping to penthouse suites, and everything in between.

There is an accommodation option to suit your budget, your groups size and every age on the island, which makes it a great getaway destination for the entire family – old and young!

The Location is Unbeatable!

Eight Awesome Ways to Experience Fitzroy Island on a Budget Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef

For a variety of reasons, when it comes to places to snorkel, it really is hard to beat Fitzroy Island.

To start with, the weather conditions are idyllic, with warm temperatures experienced year-round. Temperatures range from an average of 19 degrees Celsius in winter and 30 degrees Celsius in summer, with water temperatures ranging from 24-30 degrees Celsius throughout the year. These warm water conditions mean that you don’t need a wet suit (unless it’s stinger season).

The waters that surround the island are very calm and you can discover the coral reefs of the Great Barrier Reef only metres from the shore.  That means that if it’s your first-time snorkelling, or you’re not overly confident in open waters, you don’t need to be too far from the shore to discover the underwater world.   The coral gardens being so close to the shore means that snorkelling is great even for the little ones!

Exploring the water around the island can be done from many beaches, two of the most popular being Welcome Bay and Nudey Beach.  Nudey Beach was crowned Australia’s best beach in 2018. And not only can you discover the coral gardens metres from the shore of these beaches, but you’re also going to meet some incredible marine life as well.  It’s normal to see Clown Fish, Cods, Gropers and even Sea Turtles in these waters.  You’re going to find it hard to get out of the water at the end of the because there is so much just waiting for you to discover it!

Lots to Do

It’s not just snorkelling that’s going to take up your time when you’re on Fitzroy Island. The island was made to be explored. Walking trails and hiking paths can keep you entertained and dry, while the Turtle Rehabilitation Centre will give you a chance to meet the marine life without getting into the water. But if water sports are what you’re looking for then Fitzroy Island is the right place for you.

Besides snorkelling, some of the other water activities you can try your hand at include:

  • Swimming
  • Sea Kayaking
  • Glass Bottomed Boat Tours
  • Stand Up Paddle Boarding

The Fitzroy Island Sports Hub can help you with hiring gear for any of these activities.  And you can discover some of the day tours and experiences you can have here.


So, if you’re ready to give snorkelling a go, Fitzroy Island is waiting for you.


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