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Fitzroy Island - The Perfect Holiday Spot for Kids and Families
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Fitzroy Island: The Perfect Holiday Spot for Kids and Families

Fitzroy Island truly is the ultimate holiday destination for kids and families, where you have the opportunity to do as little or as much as you like, or perhaps even a bit of both! Brimming with enjoyable activities for kids of all ages and parents alike, Fitzroy Island is an idyllic tropical island paradise located just 45 minutes by boat off the coast of Cairns in Tropical Far North Queensland.

Regardless of whether you are visiting for a day or two, a week or longer, Fitzroy Island is a fabulous place for family adventures, thanks to its proximity to the mainland, its exquisite natural beauty (think 97% National Park), its position right in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef and its ever-warm and relaxing weather.

Whether big or small, your kids are bound to leave Fitzroy Island with the best of memories, thanks to its array of fun activities, including swimming and snorkelling amongst the Great Barrier Reef, wandering the island’s walking trails and spotting unique plants and wildlife, jumping on the island’s giant ocean trampoline, splashing about in the resort pool and enjoying a cool drink at the swim-up bar, catching a movie in the resort theatre, and having fun in the resort play and games rooms.

Let’s check out these great activities in more detail now!

School Holiday Activities for Kids Near Cairns – You Can’t Beat Fitzroy Island Snorkel Straight Off the Beautiful Beaches of Fitzroy Island

Snorkelling and Swimming Amongst the Great Barrier Reef

Positioned right in the heart of Queensland’s infamous Great Barrier Reef, Fitzroy Island is the perfect place for exploring the reef via swimming and snorkelling. With the reef located mere metres from the shore, Fitzroy Island is well-suited to kids who are afraid of or not especially confident in deep ocean water (which is often encountered amongst outer reef locations).

Snorkelling and admiring the Great Barrier Reef near the shore of the island means you and your family will have the chance to spot numerous types of beautiful tropical fish (including Nemo!), watch majestic marine turtles as they gently glide on by, and see the different types of soft and hard corals that make up the reef. Who knows, you may even have the chance to spot a giant manta ray while you’re at it!

Be sure to bring your own swimming and snorkelling gear to the island and let the adventures begin!

What Sea Animals Can I Expect to See When Visiting Fitzroy Island Clown Fish

Image Credit: charteryachtsaustralia.com.au

Walking Trails

Fitzroy Island is bursting with an array of stunning walking and hiking trails, thanks to it being a whopping 97% National Park. The island is a mix of breathtaking and fascinating rainforest vegetation, as well as beautiful coastal woodlands. With walks available to suit kids of all ages, from easy 5-minute strolls, to 30- to 45-minute walks and wanders, all the way up to a 3-hour hike for older kids and teens, Fitzroy Island is the perfect place to get outside with the whole family and explore the wonders of nature.

You and the kids are bound to be mesmerised by Fitzroy Island’s diverse mix of unique rainforest plant species and its awe-inspiring wildlife, including Yellow Spotted Monitors (enormous lizards), the nocturnal Grassland Melomy, Sulphur Crested Cockatoos, the Spectacled Flying Fox (Fruit Bat) and a variety of non-venomous snakes, including magnificent Carpet Pythons and Tree Snakes.

Between the months of May and September, whales are often spotted off the coast of Fitzroy Island, as they make their way to the Tropical Far North Queensland region from the Antarctic for their annual breeding season. Species include the well-known Humpback Whale, as well as more unusual species such as Pilot and Dwarf Minke Whales. The island’s lighthouse is a great vantage point from which to see this magical sight. Occasionally, whales can even be seen from the shore of the island!


Giant Ocean Trampoline

Situated just 25m from the shore of Welcome Bay beach you shall see Fitzroy Island’s very own Giant Ocean Trampoline, which is a major hit with kids of all ages during a visit to the island!

Fitzroy Island Resort Facilities

Kids and families staying at Fitzroy Island Resort have access to an array of great facilities for lots of fun by day and night, first of which is the beautiful resort pool. The resort’s pool is the perfect spot for a swim and fun with the kids, and perhaps a bit of relaxation on the nearby sun lounges or by enjoying a cool drink together at the swim-up bar. The resort pool is also open in the evening for a swim under the stars.

Fitzroy Island Resort also has its very own play and games rooms, complete with a table tennis table, as well as a movie theatre for unwinding in the evening.

With loads of affordable accommodation options for families including Butterfly Bungalows, Beach Cabins and Suites, we can’t wait to welcome you to Fitzroy Island Resort for a family holiday you shall never forget!

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