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Fitzroy Island is for Adventure Seekers

If you’re an adventure seeker or you like keeping active on holidays, Fitzroy Island is the ideal holiday destination for you.

Located in the calm waters of Tropical North Queensland, Fitzroy Island is a tropical island paradise where the rainforest meets the Reef.

The rainforest we’re referring to is part of the National Park that covers 97% of Fitzroy Island, while the Reef is the world heritage listed Great Barrier Reef. This makes Fitzroy Island a great place to base yourself for adventure. And it’s easy to make Fitzroy Island your home because it’s easily accessed from Cairns. You can get there in only 45 minutes via Fast Cat Ferry.

The ideal location of Fitzroy Island gives you the feeling of being in a secluded paradise, yet you’re incredibly close to all sorts of activities and adventures.

Let us tell you about some of our favourite adventurous activities you can try while you’re at Fitzroy Island.

Ease into adventure by exploring the walking trails

We’re going to start slow and ease you into the activities with some of our favourite walking trails. The first of the two easier trails are the Secret Garden walking trail.  Perfect for immersing yourself deep into the local flora and fauna of the tropical jungle on the island, you will reach a viewing platform where you can enjoy a break and admire the incredible intricacies of the ecosystem you’re now immersed in. This walk is peaceful and easy, taking around 45 minutes return.

The other simple walking trail is the Nudey beach walking track. At the end of this track you will find Nudey Beach, an incredible coral beach that was voted Australia’s best in 2018. And even though the end destination is stunning, the journey to get there is just as beautiful. You’ll experience the lush green jungle, giant granite boulders and the gorgeous blue waters that surround the island. The trail is about 1km in length, making it a nice easy walk. Don’t forget to bring your bathers, because when you reach the world-famous Nudey Beach, you’re only metres from the coral gardens of the Great Barrier Reef.


Step it up to the Summit

For those who are after a little more of a challenge, then a hike to the island Summit is the way to go.  Not only do you get to experience a range of scenery, you will be immersed in the depths of the rainforest, see those giant granite boulders, and open woodlands, all before you reach the summit.  At the summit you can enjoy views of Welcome Bay and the waters that house the great barrier reef below.  A longer track, you can take the full loop which will take a couple of hours. Allow around 2.5 hours at least because you will make a few stops along the way while you marvel at the incredible scenery.

Snorkel to see below the surface

Now for some of the water activities you can try while you’re on the island.  Just like we eased into some of the on-land activities, we’ll ease into the water-based ones. One that is perfect for all ages and can be done at your own pace is snorkelling.

The calm waters that surround the island are perfect for first time snorkellers, and given these waters house the great barrier reef, you can see the colourful coral gardens and marine wildlife up close and easily. You can find coral gardens literally metres from the shores of Fitzroy Island.

Don’t worry about bringing snorkelling gear because you can hire some from the Fitzroy Island Sports Hub (FISH) and if you’re a little nervous, you can take part in a guided snorkel tour for beginners.

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Get your balance on a stand up paddle board

For something that takes a little more effort, and might even leave you a little sore, is stand up paddle boarding. Balancing yourself on a SUP board takes a bit of practice and core strength, but once you get your balance, you’ll be rewarded with lots of laughs and a great time.

You can stand up paddle board in almost any body of water, and the waters that surround Fitzroy Island are ideal for it because they are calm and also home to the great barrier reef and rich marine world below.

One of the great things about stand-up paddle boarding is the freedom you have. You can take your time to explore at your own pace, and you might even be able to reach areas you can’t reach by foot or by boat.

You can hire stand up paddle boards from the FISH, or you can book a guided tour that includes a lesson to get you started. The tour will take you out into waters where you can explore the marine life below, where you might see a sea turtle, and you will also get to enjoy stunning views of the island itself.

Paddle the calm waters on a sea kayak

Another super popular activity where you can chase adventure is sea kayaking!  Like stand up paddle boarding you might be a little sore afterwards, but it’s worth it! You can explore the sea life and environment around you at your own pace.

You can hire a single or double sea kayak from the FISH, so you can set off by yourself or with a partner.  Exploring the water via a sea kayak lets you reach beaches and even snorkelling spots that you might be able to get to by foot, or by a normal sized boat.  When you’re hiring your sea kayak consider grabbing some snorkelling gear as well so you can explore the waters below. If you prefer to stay dry but still want to get a glimpse of the coral gardens and marine life below, you can even hire a glass bottomed sea kayak so you can see the world below and you float above.

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The adventure never stops on a Reef Cruise

If you’re looking for a full day of adventure, consider taking part in a Reef Cruise offered by Sunlover Reef Cruises.

You can travel to the Outer Great Barrier Reef aboard an air-conditioned catamaran. While you’re making your way out to the Outer Reef area you can learn about the marine life and ecosystem of the Great Barrier Reef with a presentation from a marine naturalist.

Once you reach the Moore Reef Pontoon, you’ll have 4 hours to explore the waters of the area. You can snorkel and swim at your own pace. And lunch with a tropical buffet, tea and coffee is included.

You’ll also get to experience a guided coral viewing from our semi-submersible vessel and glass bottomed boat and a fish feeding presentation.

A full day of adventure will keep you busy, but it’s certainly a once in a lifetime adventure!


These are only some of the adventures you can have on Fitzroy Island, to discover more check out some of these tours and activities. Fitzroy Island is an all ages and all budget-friendly holiday destination. With accommodation options ranging from camping, bungalows, suites and more. You can stay in style and adventure to your hearts content on the tropical island of your dreams – Fitzroy Island.

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