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Dear Colleagues,

We have put together a selection of key information and images for trade use. If you need assistance with any item or contracted rates please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

We would appreciate your advising us of any new brochure or online listings you are planning.

Kind regards,

Jeannie Armstrong
Director of Sales and Marketing


Trade Brochure
To download our trade brochure, please click the below link.
Fitzroy Island Trade Brochure

Fact Sheets
To download our PDF flyers, please click the below links.
Hotel Fact Sheet
Day Trip Fact Sheet
Fitzroy Island & Great Barrier Reef Itinerary

Image Library
To view and download images, please click the links below.
Hero Images

To view and download our video, please click the link below.
Fitzroy Island Resort Video

Media Releases
To view our media and reviews, please click the link below.
Media & Reviews

Brochure Copy
Download a Fitzroy Island Resort bio and suggested brochure copy for each resort. There are 50, 100 and 200 word options to choose from.
Fitzroy Island Brochure Copy

To download our Powerpoint Presentation, please click the link below.
Fitzroy Island PowerPoint Presentation

Room Configurations
To download a room configuration chart for Fitzroy Island Resort, please click the link below.
Fitzroy Island Room Configuration Chart

Restaurant Menus
To download restaurant menus, please click the links below.
Zephyrs Dinner Menu 2016
Foxys Lunch & Dinner Menu 2016

Fitzroy Island Map
To download a map of Fitzroy Island, please click the link below.
Fitzroy Island Map

Accommodation Request
To request a media or industry famil, please contact our team via the contact us form.

To access our China Trade & Media page, please click and follow this link: